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Digital speedometer reads 0 (zero)

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2011 Malibu Wakesetter 247 LSV

Started to Wakesurf and noticed that the speedometer was reading zero (first time ever and hadn’t done it all day.) No problem, used iPhone to get mph, but when I finished I could not get power wedge up because it needs to be going more than 1mph.

Any thoughts?

I’m away from home, assuming I can’t figure out a fix, can I tow boat on trailer with wedge down?

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Yes.  You can tow with the wedge down.  We have put ours on the trailer a couple times not realizing that it wasn't up - won't contact the trailer and doesn't hang low enough to be an issue on the road.  Check your paddle wheel under the boat, chances are you just gunked it up with some weeds.

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13 minutes ago, Mavrick99 said:

Can you tell me where the paddle wheel is located?

If it is in the same spot as my 2012 VTX.  Stand at the back right of the boat and look at the bottom of the hull.  You will see a little pod sticking down.  The pod is the cover and if you feel weeds and junk in it that you can't pull from the bottom then open up your hatches and find where it is attached to the hull on the inside.  I think you can just twist it to remove and see the actual wheel - don't do that with the boat in the water.


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sometimes the protection blades of the paddle wheel module get bent snd prevent it from turning when it slides sideways on its axle, you can bend them open, gets damaged sometimes from a crooked drive onto trailer with boat ending slightly cross the bunks, you might spin it snd it will turn freely but in operation it slides sideways on axle touching the protection blades , you can test your fix in driveway with a blow dryer or landscape blower turning wheel pointed from different directions, if that works, it will work on water, remeber to set your cruise to surf or ride when its fixed , except for cruising you always use cruise control on these boats, a concept i was too dumb to understand when i got my first inboard vdrive

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