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2012 TXI throttle limiter?

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Shocked, my new to me TXI is the first ski boat and newest i have driven that you have to roll to wide open throttle to get very good slalom skiers up in a reasonable amount of time. My boat has a new 515 ACME prop if that helps. My old 93 MC that ran the same size prop did not need WOT to perform the same pull. Is there an adjustment on my boat that the old owner set or changed for some reason to limit throttle response? 

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My 13 TXi had the snappiest throttle I've driven. I don't recall there being any settings though. I ran the 515 too. I will say that throwing a drive by wire throttle straight to WOT is about the worse thing you can do for acceleration. A progressive roll forward with the throttle is the best method I have found.


@braindamage how is yours compared to your SSLXi?

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My ‘00 SSLXi and my ‘12 TXi have a pretty similar holeshot, though the SSLxi didn’t need a progressive roll.

I drive a ‘09 MC TT Prostar and a ‘99 MC prostar with a 6.?L engine in our rotation as well. I put all to WOT at holeshot through a progressive roll and they feel about the same both as a driver and a skier.

I’d do a full tune-up, plugs, rotor, cap, fuel pump, alignment, etc.  you may also do a compression or leak down test to see if you have engine issues.

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@TXI - I would not expect WOT to be needed to pop up experienced skiers, assuming given your comment that similar talent, weight, ski setups are being compared to the MC.  Can you verify that your throttle plate is moving to wide open and it is tracking the throttle position as you actuate the throttle?  Perhaps the wiper in the throttle assembly is dirty hence not sending back the correct signal.  Also, check for codes as there is a verification loop for the DBW setup.  Besides that, do you feel the boat performs as it should, there could be something else causing a low power issue.

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18 minutes ago, braindamage said:

I put all to WOT at holeshot through a progressive roll

I tell new drivers to roll the throttle in until they see about 4200 RPM, then pull back to meet the PP controller in the low 3000s (I generally ski around 30).  If I'm barefooting, roll the throttle to 4200 and don't touch it since PP will grab and hold at around 3900.  No way do I ever need WOT to get up on anything.

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Definitely a problem.  Could be in the Livorsi throttle, throttle body sensor or servo motor.  As above,,spark plugs, cap and rotor should be inspected  before you go down the throttle sensors rabbit hole.  That boat should about rip your arms out WOT on a full throttle start.

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Agree with DrFred, on our TXI you will pull someone's arms out of their sockets if you start them and go WOT on the throttle.  

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Thanks for all the diagnostics and comments. Just skied again last night, the boat seems fine with on plane power. While skiing for instance, my friend skis at 35 off @33 - 190 lbs. and i feel no power loss at hard pulls and the cruise works effortlessly. As Wood skier said this may just be a throttle plate or sensor issue i will look at it. I have a snapon high end car scanner will that plug into my boat? i would take it to a local dealer but there are none that are trusting. I had a 525 prop on it before my kids damaged it some so i switched to the 515 that is a 1/2 in diameter more than the 525 but i dont remember the WOT throttle issue then. 

On a side note, this boat has by far the very best wake especially in the 28 to 35 off range, soft and absolutely no lip just some white wash in the center, just awesome! Its now the boat of choice out of 2 or 3 older Bu's, have feeling my gas bill is going to be enormous this season.

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