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Noise after taking boat out of gear - 2021 23 LSV

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Hi all,

Our new 2021 23 LSV is doing something strange every time I take it out of forward gear.  Every time I go from forward gear to neutral, there is a mechanical humming/grinding type sound.  It is especially noticeable when idling and maneuvering slowly around the dock, etc.  The duration of the sound is dependent on how long the boat has been in gear.  If I've been idling forward for a while, when I come back to neutral the sound lasts for 5-8 seconds.  If I just briefly bump into gear and back to neutral, the sound still occurs but is much shorter duration.  

It doesn't do it when going from reverse to neutral, only forward to neutral.  I don't know if it is trying to move the wedge each time maybe, and I am hearing the actuator?  The wedge is in stow position, and the screen indicator doesn't show that it is moving or anything but that is kind of what the noise sounds like?

I have a call in to the dealer, but they are closed today so I figured I'd post here and see if y'all have any thoughts.


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Sounds like the running gear normally free spinning as the boat moves through the water. I have noticed certain boats resonate through the hull via the cutlass bearing and/or the dripless seals as it slows down and the prop and shaft are spun by the force of the water drag. Can you spin the prop freely with your hand when it is out of the water?

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good thought @sride.

op may wish to try having someone spin the prop while on the trailer while listening in the boat. 

the sound may be different w/o water to carry it but it may be similar enough to convince that is the (non)issue.

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Thanks for the responses. I checked fluid levels and all are normal. I had the same thoughts about the prop spinning freely but I don’t think that is what this is. The noise occurs when the boat is moving very very slowly, even sitting still, just bump the throttle into gear and back out and I get the noise.

I also spun the prop by hand with the boat out of the water and it is silent. 

I think it must be some actuator (wedge maybe) trying to move each time I go in/out of gear. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Also, I turned off the auto wedge feature, no change in the “sound” after coming out of gear. 

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Okay, after spending some more time on this yesterday, I've decided that @Sride may be correct.  I think it may just be friction at the cutlass bearing resonating as the prop shaft is slowing to a stop.  I've never heard this on any other boat.

On our boat it seems to be worse after the boat has run for a while - i.e. when leaving the dock yesterday and idling out of the cove, the sound was minimal, but after wakeboarding and surfing for a while, then when idling back in to the dock, any time I would come out of gear at idle the sound was loud and very noticeable.  Loud enough that my family was like "what the heck is that sound?"

I still plan to talk to the dealer about it and get their advice, but wanted to update this thread as well.  As always, thanks for the guidance from The Crew.

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Keep us posted on the dealer response. At this point the dealer needs to check alignment with a feeler gauge, confirm the dripless/cutlass bearing for tolerances, and make sure the driveshaft looks to spec. I am sure it will be something simple. 

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