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Prop Question. Bent

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Hey everyone, this is my 2nd thread and I'm a 100% rookie. First boat, I struggle but trying my best to learn.

First time out on the water and my wife hits my truck (cracked tail light is all), bends the prop and messes up the trailer a bit. Oh well no big deal just need to get it fixed.

Since I've been searching, I'm really surprised at how many people carry a spare prop. So I don't feel so bad about the situation since accidents can happen. Anyways I have two main questions.

1. With a bent prop, is there anything else that needs to be checked out or any other damage that could of occurred? Changing it out seems straight forward with the acme tool, but I'm not sure if there is anything else that needs to be done besides just swapping them out.

2. The boat currently has 537 (2006 LSV 23) Do I need another direct replacement of a 537? I was on wakemakers and for board/surf its recommending an ACME 2247?


I'm in TN/VA, Just wanting to fix it correctly. Also I have no idea what Trans. Happy to find out or look if someone can point me in the direction.


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Ok thanks. I watched a little video that said the new materials are pretty much made to take the force. Hopefully I can get lucky here. I’ll still check those out. 

I think I’ll call acme today and see what their recommendation is for a new prop 

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Having a spare prop is a good idea to be able to get back on the water sooner. I really don't see any reason to carry it in the boat unless you think you would have a place to remove the boat from the water and put it on. I don't know to many people that would try and change one in the water unless you have a scuba tank with you.  If you ever do damage it bad enough that you fell vibration in the boat only go at idle speed to get it back. 

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I would send in the 537, check out the shaft and strut, and grab whatever acme/wakemakers says is good for what you do primarily (surf/tube/wakeboard).  Keep in mind the the better it is for surfing the worse it is for top end speed.  My boat came with 1235 prop.  I dinged it up the first few times I took it out in similar fashion to you minus the hitting my tow vehicle part.  I ended up grabbing a surf prop from someone on the tmc classifieds.  Love it for surfing but I’m toping out at ~36 mph so there was a 6 mph top end sacrifice that I can live with as I never slalom ski.  Absolutely get a weekend saver kit, it’s really hard to get these props out camping in BFE and you can swap them out in the water with a red neck scuba/snorkel set up in less than 20 minutes or so   I leave my boat in the marina now (to avoid expensive prop trailering nonsense) but I check my prop nut with a snorkel and a crescent wrench every outing.  I could probably swap it holding holding my breath by this point. 

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