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Not getting fuel

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I have lsv23 2014 350 Indmar monsoon 5.7 liter. I am not getting fuel. My relays click on and I measure voltage at the plug that feeds my fuel pump only for a couple seconds. The relays only click on and then right back off. So when I try to start the fuel pump isn't energized. The 3 relays are right next each other labeled PTR , START and Fuel Pump. all the fuses (including fuel pump fuses) right next to it are good and pass continuity test.   I tested relays by connected relay pins to 12v and hear and feel the relay activating intrernally. 

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17 minutes ago, tvano said:

fuel pump should get power for only about 5 seconds at key up and does not get power again until engine run.

Well, specifically, until the ECM senses enough oil pressure (or possibly RPM counts, depending on your ECM).  Since you can hear the pump run at key on, the pump and relay work.  Throw a pressure gauge on the fuel rail and see what you get.  Does the engine start at all?

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I bought a new relay and tested all relays w 12v battery and continuity meter. Pressure reads zero on fuel rail now. Does not change as I try to start it the pressure gauge doesn’t move. It hasn’t started since it shut down while I was underway last week. It had been running rough and I had been troubleshooting. When I put my hand on the fuel pump that protrudes up out of the tank it feels like it spins up?? I am thinking it is the fuel pump if I am not getting pressure at all. I was going to try this shown in this video: 


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I would try jumping 12v directly to the pump to make sure it doesn't work before I replaced it.

Is your pump really in the tank?  I was thinking it would be on the side of the engine on a 2014.

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Well I made a rookie mistake. I think I wasn’t getting pressure bc the boat was on an incline and the pump pickup wasn’t submerged. I didn’t think of this until after I pulled the pump config and replaced the “2” internal pumps. I pulled the boat out to level ground and pressure shot up to almost 60 when I cranked. When I stop it slides down to about 38. Cranks, gives a sputter but won’t start. By the way , those 2 old pumps spin up when I connect to 12V. Yes this fuel pump is similar to the one I posted in the video in this comment thread in that it is a trees to top of the fuel tank. 

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I am having the O2 Sensor and ETC faults below: 

SPN: 65615  Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) Actuation Fault

         FMI: 7  Mechanical system not responding or out of adjustment

SPN: 66019  Oxygen Sensor A1 Heater Fault

         FMI: 8  Abnormal frequency or pulse width


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