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Switch to synthetic?

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Hello Crew!

Roaming around on this forum I see that I am not the only one having oil pressure issues and alarms on hot days and under heavy load.

I have a 2004 Wakesetter VLX and I am interested in switching to a synthetic oil to see if it will cure my problem.  I do not have a lot of hours on the boat with our short season but I like the idea of a synthetic oil in my engine during the harsh winter months here in WY while the boat is parked better anyway.  The local oil guru, whom I have worked through my job and trust recommended a Rotella T6 15-40W due to the consistency of the molecules but also recommended I ask you all and see what kind of response I get as he is not a boat mechanic.   I am running just the straight 15-40W now.  A few people (on this forum) with the same problem as I recommended going to a straight 50W oil but there wasn't much information after that and the oil is not as easily accessible.    

Any input appreciated and welcome.


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When you say "heavy load" do you mean surfing?  If so, it could be a pickup issue, especially if you're listed.  Somewhere there is a recommendation from Indmar about adding an extra quart of oil for those engaged in these activities...anyhow as far as "hot days" go your oil should be fine, as the engine should be operating at 160 degrees and has plenty of cold lake water to cool it.  IMHO if you're getting low pressure and oil pressure alarms because it's an oil pickup problem and a change in the consistency or type of oil will solve nothing.

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Yes, Surfing with full ballast and a good chunk of live weight but then it has happened towing my daughter and friends on the tube early one evening as well.   I will try a little added oil and see if that helps first.  Thanks for the tip!  

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8 hours ago, WYOWakeMaker said:

I like the idea of a synthetic oil in my engine during the harsh winter months here in WY while the boat is parked better anyway

Used oil the issue, not conventional. So whichever type is used, store it with fresh oil. There is a school of thought that synthetic runs off and back to the pan easier then conventional. For toys that sit for long periods, like boats, this could lead to less protection at startup, then when using conventional oil. 

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