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2012 TXI Prop info

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I need a new prop, i wont be paying for it is the best part. My boat is a slalom ski boat first and pleasure second. I noticed compared to others Malibu's my TXI at a given boat speed turns a higher RPM. I would be willing to loose some pulling power to better fuel mileage. Has anyone made a pitch or diameter change to lower the RPM and i like to know what is the original prop size? Unfortunately I'm 1,400 miles away from my boat. 

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@TXI - what is your RPM to speed ratio currently?  An Acme 515 should be close to 1,000 RPM per 10 mph.  A 525 will spin about 200 RPM faster at slalom speeds, a 449 about 150 RPM slower.  The Acme site has a prop selector that will spit out the information with simple inputs.  Another factor in choosing, what is your altitude?

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15 hours ago, ahopkinsVTX said:

I ran the acme 515 on my 13 txi and it was perfect IMO. Strong out of the hole but not crazy RPMs while skiing. 

This. I have both a 515 and an OJ and they both are good.

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11 hours ago, Woodski said:

@braindamage - which one do you prefer?  Did I miss your answer to that question on the other prop discussion thread?  Any differences in wake feel (slalom) between them? 

Not much of a difference. I think I like the 525 better, though it’s a slightly better holeshot and maybe a bit softer wake. Either work without complaint. I had the 525 reconditioned since writing the review on this thread.


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10 hours ago, Woodski said:

@braindamage - thx, and contrary to most comments on this site by all of us, you saved me $$ on not needing to go buy another prop :cheers:

Sorry, man. If you need help identifying other upgrades to spend money on please let me know. 😁

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Most Acme props are out of stock or back ordered. Luckily i found a new ACME 515 from a champion slalom skier in FL off Ski it again! Thanks guys for all the info. We plan to test the 515 and 525 side by side to see which is the best wake. 

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@TXIinteresting test.  I have a 21 txi 6.2 with the 515 13 x 12.  The wake is very hard (I've skied behind a lot of boats and nothing like this) at 28 off at 34 and 36 mph.  The boat is light as we live in Florida and no need for second person so i have about 150 on the passenger side to balance out.  I'm wondering if the prop can cause that type of hard wake.  32 off is flat.  Unfortunately not good enough to start there.  Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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Update, After skiing out the 21 summer with the 13x12 515 we found the wake was as good or better than the stock 525. We did notice a huge loss in out of the hole power! Now we are pinning the throttle to get an average very good slalom skier up vs. before maybe 80% throttle. Trying to get my bent up 525 fixed to test it against the 515. No idea why the wake is so hard on the 21 TXI guy above wrote, that is shocking.

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@TXI - Interesting the significance of the holeshot, certainly trending as one would expect.  If you like the rest of the 515 performance, one option might be to add some cup to it to improve the holeshot.  Acme customer service is or has been very good, every time I call them with a question someone is at least willing and / or knowledgeable to discuss.  So might be worth some time to chat with them.  Any good prop shop can add cup, it is not hard at all.

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