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Help needed! Windshield fell through

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We’re heading to the lake and when I took my cover off I noticed that the center section of my windshield fell through the opening and now sits below the metal piece it typically rests on. I tried removing visible screws and pulling the windshield apart to pop it back through but was unsuccessful. Anyone had this happen or know how to fix? My boat is a 2017 23LSV. TIA

as for how this happened, I don’t know but I suspect while towing somehow. Will investigate but really need to fix.

Sorry if this has been covered before. I tried searching on my phone but couldn’t find anything. 

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When I am moving or aligning windshields I put some shrink wrap or other thick tape down on the deck around the windshield frame first to prevent scratches in the gel when moving the windshield.  A second set of hands is also very useful.

The screws on the base of the windshield near the bow walk through and the screws in the two support arms on either side of the center window need to be removed.  Some windshields also have screws on the end of the side wing windows.  Most, or sometimes all, of the nuts and washers need to be loosened or removed from the windshield studs under the deck.  Once everything is loose there should be enough movement available to fold the center window back.  Be careful not to damage the deck, windshields, or drop the windows off of the boat deck.  Tape or another set of hands really helps with this.

I move the windshields by hand until the frames line up.  Often, I will use some zip ties or plastic spreaders to set the distance between the center window and the starboard window frame.  The width of the head of a standard zip tie is about the right amount of gap.

Once everything is lined up and gapped correctly, install and tighten all of the nuts and washers on the windshield studs below the deck.  Install the support arm screws and deck screws on the bottom corner of the windshields.  Sometimes I have to drill new holes for the windshield deck screws after the windshields are aligned.

It usually takes me a 2-3 hours as long as I don't have to drill new new holes for the windshield studs.

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