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Dock water pump


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Anyone got a pump they like that can sit on the dock, use an extended pipe/hose to the lake water for suction and then put out decent flow and pressure for washdown?  I will probably tee off the discharge and run a hose to a fish cleaning station and another for washdown.  

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Our irrigation pump is an old pool pump.  Pulls fr9m the lake and waters the lawn.  We can also connect hoses to it if needed.  Puts out a ton of water - especially what you are looking for.  Do you really want to use lake water for a wash down though?  Maybe you lakes are a lot nicer than our mud, but I have fresh water on my dock for this.

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We don’t have fresh water at the dock.   The lake is actually pretty clear.  Not ideal but it is a community dock and other owners are wanting it and I told them I would get a solution in place.  Right now I would take it just to wash the bird poo off the dock boards.  :)  

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Looks like I will probably pick up a shallow well pump with pressure switch.  I checked out some other installs and that is what seems to be common.  

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120.  And I knew Harbor Freight is crap and that was reconfirmed when the first pump had a leaking weld.  Replacement is in. Let’s see how long it lasts.  



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Oh and these foot valves are great   They keep the big stuff out and have a built in check to help keep the prime.  I have it mounted on the suction below the water line in the lake.   



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On 6/6/2021 at 9:13 PM, hethj7 said:

Looks like I will probably pick up a shallow well pump with pressure switch.  I checked out some other installs and that is what seems to be common.  

If you are not going to have a tank you would not need a pressure switch.  Switch is to turn off pump when pressure in tank builds to the target pressure.    I am guessing most of these installs just have an on/off switch, just need to make sure it only runs when you are using water.  If it sits running and not moving water the water in the pump will heat up and eventually cause damage.  

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Hello, there are a lot of companies on the internet that provide boat cleaning services. Unfortunately, such a service isn't cheap, and you will spend a lot of money if you want to have someone clean your boat. That is why it is more reasonable to buy your own washdown pump for the boat and wash your boat by yourself. Such a tool isn't expensive at all, and it is easy to use. Check it out for more on the internet; you won't be disappointed.

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