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2016 A22 - No Start (Fuel Pressure but no spark)

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Writing this to give a little back to what helped me this last week.  My Axis had been working great all spring long, last Saturday all packed up and ready to go, did a quick test start and motor just cranked.  I am a little handy but by no means a mechanic.  What follows is a little of our issue and what ended up fixing in hopes that it helps someone else.  BTW dealer is 7 weeks out to look at the boat so there goes most of the summer if I cant figure it out.

Problem - Motor cranks fine, will not fire.  

What is good - Gauges are fine, no error indicators.  Not the kill switch.  Confirmed fuel pressure using the schrader valve.

Test - After buying a fuel pump and confirming fuel  we moved to spark.  I bought a spark plug tester and did not see spark on crank.  (I also didnt smell fuel or see wetness on the plug when i pulled it which threw me off for awhile).  Pulled a plug, put it next to engine ground and did not see a spark either.  We bought new relays in case the relay for the ICM/Coil was bad but that did not fix.  We tested fuses, all seemed good.  I pulled cable between ignition coil and distributor, looked ok, I cleaned what little corrosion their was.  Still no start.  Purchased a new ICM/IC and was waiting on it to arrive and replace existing one.  I was also waiting on a helper to test spark from the coil to a ground. (this was going to be my next step).

The fix - Read more about the crank sensor as a possible issue.  Dealer didnt seem to think that was it (they were steering me to distributor/ignition coil) but it seemed like something I could try and replace.  It is on the very front of the motor (towards the boat aft), is a 3 wire cable and it kind of faces down towards the bottom of the boat.  I pulled the wire off it, turned motor to on and was expecting an alarm on the gauge which I did not get.  Oh well, went to  Oreilly and bought a new one (I used a 2007 SL1500 as my source engine to find a matching one).  Went home, did a quick swap (it is very very easy to do) and engine starts right up.  

Confusing parts - I have used the boat several time this year no issues.  Nothing changed on the boat between the last use and when we tried to go out.   We chased fuel for awhile after reading other posts.  No alarms anywhere.  Seems there are several potential things that could happen with a bad crank sensor but some said fuel would not get pressure which we always had.  I didnt find anything that clearly said with a new crank sensor you will not get spark.  

Hope this helps in the future!  

Happy boating.

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Had same problem. 2015 axis .replaced..fired right up..15 min later after replacement.surf gate would not open,then said high surf gate speed (was at 11.2 mph) normal surf speed..then Mil light came on and all surf functions dissappear from dash then boat was in limp mode 3 mph...very disappointing  with 440 hrs

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