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2015 wakesetter issues

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Hey friends are having one heck of a time using the boat this summer right after I bought it and I’m wondering if anyone has had similar experiences. Bought it last fall and it started fine for me right away this spring the first time. Second it did nothing turning the key and fired up after kinda jiggling the kill switch a bit. I took it in to get fixed and now it’s getting expensive. They’ve replaced the kill switch and that wasn’t the issue, it won’t start anymore. They replaced the starter, still no luck. They replaced the ECM and that didn’t fix the issue. Now they are telling me wiring needs to be looked at through the whole boat. 

anybody have any idea or tips on this? Huge bummer not being on the water the first summer after buying this money  pit!

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My 2014 is getting new ecm this week.  I had to replace it last year too (original).  Orig ecm I assume wore out semi naturally.  This time I believe it got wet on accident when a un savvy friend was using the transom shower to fill up his wetsuit while I had the drying tray off to check on engine while he was getting ready to surf.  Both ecms failed in the first few hours of runtime post unwinterize, which could just be a coincidence.  Both times mine failed they don’t give fault codes at all on the Maliview screen. Electronics all seem to work (stereo, blower, etc) the engine just winds down and you’re dead in the water until indmar sends your dealer a preprogrammed replacement.  When I key up, the electronics and blower kick on but the fuel pump does not come on.  If I tap on the ecm’s it kicks on the fuel pump momentarily, if I continue to tap on it while cranking the engine it would start however would run rough and die quickly.  This time it’s just the costs of ecm $660 and I’m happy.  Last time I had to get a new starter and **gulp** new catalytic converters.  Close to $4k in total.  I totally understand your frustration because I feel it too.  In the first 3 seasons I’ve done probably $6k in repairs (admittedly my boat was a bit rough when I bought it).  All that said, I will tell you that once your boat’s issues are corrected it will make you forget all about the money.  Last summer we broke down first trip out, down a month missed Memorial Day.  Got the boat back and put 100 fun filled stress free hours on it.  We burned so much gas it kinda makes you forget about the repairs costs honestly.  Joining/using tmc is one of the best ways you can save money.  Investing in a good sunbrella cover is also a solid move.  I’ve been considering lateral move to a newer axis just to get into a warranty and get some better dealer support.  

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I hear you there, it’s sounding like it might be a wiring harness issue as well, going through our options still. Repair shop is out past the 4th which is a huge bummer, dying to get on the water!

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On 6/25/2021 at 9:30 AM, dwc032 said:

Did you get this figured out?  Are you taking your boat to a Malibu mechanic and what motor is in the boat?

We had a new starter button installed separately and it works great all the sudden, sounds like they bypassed the starter at a Malibu dealership. 

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