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2019 25LSV Prop recommendations

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Hi All, 

Looking at swapping out my 2805 17x17 prop on my 2019 25LSV to one of the several 18" options from ACME and was a bit stunned at their initial recommendation of going with a 2953 18x20 0.105 cup.  Boat has the one year oddball PCM XR550 supercharged motor as the supercharged option from Malibu wasn't ready yet when I ordered.  I don't care at all about top speed, rarely go over 30mph, just looking to lower my surf rpm after spending the weekend on my dad's new M240 which never got over 2800rpm surfing at 11.2 even with using the wedge on the heavier side and 8-10 people on board.  With the 2805 surfing fully loaded with the wedge in the middle setting I'm running 3300rpm at 11.2mph.  Running empty (no wedge) I'm redlined at 38mph at roughly 1/3 throttle, fully weighted including P&P and 10 people (no wedge) I'm redlined at 38mph at just under 1/2 throttle.  In both scenarios I drop the throttle to full and once I'm at redline start pulling the throttle back until the speed begins to drop off which is how I determined how much throttle was being used based on the bar graph on the display assuming that it's an accurate representation of the actual throttle position.  The difference in 0-38mph times between empty and fully loaded is just under 10 seconds, there is also zero issue getting to 20-23mph even leaving the wedge in the vert position all of which leads me to believe I'm probably underpropped by a decent margin.  I'm in MN so elevation is not an issue.  Thus far I've only talked to one guy locally with 2020 25LSV with the M6 running a 3081 (18x17.5) that he loved and said had no trouble at surf speeds and a handful of G owners with the same motor I have running everything from 18x14 to 18x17.5 which they too have all claimed was a huge upgrade going from 17" to 18" diameter.  I may just pull the trigger and go with what they recommended knowing I can exchange it if it doesn't work as planned, just hoping to someone here has already tried this one or similar to get some feedback.


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