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PCM 409 Vdrive / Transmission

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I have a 2017 Axis T22 with the Monsoon 409 and the PCM drive system. Went surfing the first time this year. All went great. Went for a slow cruise later that night. Heard a strange noise, quickly heard a second noise, then thick gray smoke. Shutdown quickly and got towed back. Figured out that the Vdrive had dumped its yellow lube into the bilge area. Prop still turns. Tranny fluid looks good. Gauges didn’t show overheat. 
Getting the Vdrive pulled to be looked at. Hoping it’s only a bad seal!  But, if the Vdrive is out, was suggested to have the tranny rebuilt / replaced at the same time since not much more in labor. Boat has about 1000hrs on it. Engine has about 700hrs. Engine was factory replaced a couple years back.
Anyone have thoughts on if it’s worth the extra parts costs to tear into the tranny?  How reliable are they?  Bought the boat used and I only put maybe 30-40 hrs a year on it. 

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If the V Drive is getting rebuilt or replaced it would be worth going the extra distance to have the tranny gone through as well. Maybe ask for a quote to do both then decide if its worth the extra outlay for piece  of mind. What happened with the original 409? Haven’t heard of to many failures with the L96 as It has a seriously robust bottom end assembly. 

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Thanks for the reply.  I'm thinking the same thing as you suggest, sort of play it by ear based on cost.  I think I can get a new vdrive for around $3300, new tranny for around $2300.  Not sure on how many labor hours yet. 

As to what happened, I don't know yet.  Getting it pulled in the next few days.  I'll update once I know more.  I've tried to call PCM to ask a few questions, but I just get a voice recording referring me to their dealer network.  Would really like to talk to one of their techs and ask a few questions.  Everyone I've talked to has said the same thing about the rear ends, they are rock solid.  Guess it was just my good luck to get one that failed!  Want to get it fixed and get back on the water.

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Wondering if water froze in the vdrive over the winter and cracked the water / oil separation case, then as water seeped into the vdrive, could that cause enough pressure to blow a seal and dump the vdrive oil?  Thinking that may have happened.  Can that water / oil separator be replaced or is it part of the actual casing?  Anyone know?

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PCM can be next to impossible to reach so not surprised you weren't successful there. Your winter freeze theory sounds very plausible if it wasn't properly winterized.  The closest dealer is your best bet for getting through to PCM.  They have it fairly locked up in that regard.  

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Thanks. I found a place near me that can rebuild if needed. Getting it pulled this weekend to confirm what’s up. The rebuild place said about $1500 for the rebuild. They can even fix a cracked housing if that is part of the issue. Should know what’s up by next week. 
I see your from Spokane. I grew up there. Spent a lot of time on Loon Lake and Coeur d’Alene. Love it over there. 

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