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Bad Connection on Medallion Gauge Computer

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Has anyone else had a similar problem with the wiring harness connection on the Medallion MDC box.  I keep having an issue where the wiring harness isn't making a good connection and the gauges don't work.  I need to push the harness up and to the side to get a good connection then the gauges fire right up

I have tried to bend the pins to make better contact but it only lasts one outing at most.  I have also tried to zip tie the connection tighter, but that doesn't seem to work either.  The connector just seems loose even when it is clipped in.

Any thoughts on how to fix?  where to get a new harness?

Here's a picture of box connection and the harness that goes into it and the harness that goes into it.



And don't tell me to ditch the medallion system and switch to analog gauges.  I have already unplugged my speedo pitot tubes.



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I might try a dab of solder on each of the pins on the MDC to enlarge them and make a tighter fit within the connector. I'm sure it will be tedious but a cheap fix if you can do it. Otherwise ask around here and find someone who has done the analog conversion and see if they still have their old wiring harness they can cut off and send to you to splice in.

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Check with Ron at skiboatpartsonline.com   He makes the analog conversion kits as well as adapters.  He might have a new connector for you.

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Good idea on the wiring harness after doing the analog conversion.  Anybody have an extra?

Also, anyone know if the connector that goes into the back of the gauges is the same as the one for the MDC?  I would check but my boat is at the lake a couple hours away but it looks similar.

If so, the previous owner added perfect pass in place of the speedo so I might have an unused 5 pin connector.  That also brings into question how the gauges are wired.  I understand any gauge can be plugged into connector, so it is the same signal.  Does that mean it is wired in series?  and could I just take my unused speedo connector and plug it into the MDC?

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34 minutes ago, cla10beck said:

Also, anyone know if the connector that goes into the back of the gauges is the same as the one for the MDC?  I would check but my boat is at the lake a couple hours away but it looks similar.

You aren't talking about the 12/18 pin that comes from the ECM, right?  The output plug is the same as the gauge plug(s).

The MDC system is a Canbus so all signals are carried along the wire such that you can swap any connector for any gauge.  I beleive it is a standard Delphi connector, but @justgary probably knows for sure.

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You might try using a pin or needle to slightly bend the "clips" inside the harness connector so they fit tighter on the pins.  On most of the harnesses the "clips" can be removed from the harness with a pin which might make it easier to bend/tighten the fit on them.

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