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New A22 PNP Ballast for Wakeboarding


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Hey all, just put in an order for a 22’ A22.  Debating best ballast setup for wakeboarding.  Currently on my 13’ A22 I run the following

Rear: hard tanks removed.  900lbs bag on each side full.

Mid ship: 500lb hard tank full

Bow: full arrow bag (600lbs ish) + 500lb sack on the seats

Lead - 300lbs that I move around the boat depending where people are sitting

Wedge - Auto set down

I list these out as I like the wake a lot, and wanting to mimic it with the new A22.

For those who have optimized their current gen A22’s for wake (not surfing) what does your setup look like?  



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Posted (edited)

'19 A22:

Surf setup (depends on rider but this is for intermediate riders like me): 

Rear: Hard tanks full. 750lb locker bags 3/4-ish full unless I have more people for bow weight, then I fill 'em up 100%

Mid ship: Hard tank full (500lbs-ish?). 

Observers Compartment: 100lbs misc tools/gear/spare prop

Bow: Full 440lb Wakemakers bag (in addition to two batteries)

PW3: set at 3-4, depending on rider needs and seating arrangement of crew

Speed: Usually set at 11.2


Wakeboard setup (again, depends on riders but this is for intermediate riders like me):

Rear: Hard tanks full. A small amount into locker bags just to confirm that the hard tanks are indeed full.

Mid ship: Hard tank full

Observers Compartment: same 100lbs of misc tools/gear/spare prop

Bow: usually empty but sometimes fill the 440lb bow bag 1/4 full (in addition to two batteries)

PW3: Lift mode to start, then set to 2-3, depending on crew size.

Speed: Usually set at 22mph

I haven't boarded with more than this weight setup because the wake is PLENTY for me to do anything and everything I can do on a wakeboard. If I take someone out that really wants to fly, I will fill it up more and it doesn't change the shape of the wave, just the size of it. Harder to plane off when everything full but it does. No problem planing with my usual wakeboard setup. Lift Mode is phenomenal.

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3 hours ago, formerathlete said:

Lift Mode is phenomenal.

Coming from auto wedge and being at elevation (5500') I'm super super excited about this.  I ordered the M6DI too so should be able to load it down when I want.  

Thanks for replying to all my questions.  This is my first new boat so the details are all on my mind.  Ballast is easy to adjust though, if I need to change it in the future.

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Oh with the M6, you're gonna love it and have NO problems with extra weight. Super pumped for you. I'm happy to give you my input based on my A22 experience anytime. Feel free to DM me, too.

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I’ll try to keep you posted when I finally get to load out my 21’ A22. I’ve got 450#s of lead to move around but planning for mostly the bow. I upgraded the rear plug n plays to 750s. M6 as well. We primarily wakeboard with 6-8 people in the boat. 

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On 5/28/2021 at 3:18 PM, theloungelife said:

Looking forward to hearing about it @98buphon

Sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you about this.  Finally got the oil change and loaded the boat today. 

I was able to cram 200#s of lead in the battery compartment. I laid the other 250#s in the walkway. Eventually I would like to get all lead hidden. Loaded all plug and play and tried to get the boat to 22mph with 10 people on board.  The boat really struggled until I got 2 people in the bow. After that we put the other 250#s as far forward in the bow we could get them. It’s still not planing the way I would like but when it gets on plane the bow rise isn’t too bad. 

When the boat planes out it is the best wake I’ve ever ridden. I will be putting the Acme 2315 (15x12) on tomorrow to get planed out quicker and move lead around some more. I’ll keep you posted. 

Today’s setup was all ballast full (750 bags in rear lockers). Wedge at 4. 10 adults on board. M6 with Acme 2773(15x13) prop. 

I’ll keep you posted on any positive changes. 

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2019 A22 409 with an Acme 2773.   Tanks and back bags full (750's), belly tank full, bow bag full, and 250lb of lead in the bow.   Wake is phenomenal, I run 22.2mph with 72.5' of line.    Lift mode is amazing and we really don't feel like the boat struggles to get on plane.  RPM's are definitely up there though.  Typically have the wedge in 3 or 4.   Crew size is 4 adults, 4 kids. 

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Thanks @98buphonand @scrupulous.  Sounds like your setups are similar, with @98buphonhaving about 200lbs extra lead in the battery box (bow).  

For both of you, do the 750s fill all the way or is there pinching?  Which 750lbs bags are you using?  

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@98buphonI'm also interested to hear which prop you like more.  My boat is coming stock with the 2249 but I know I'm going to want a beefier prop for riding.  Those are the 2 props I'm between.  

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I had the dealer upgrade my bags with the Fly Highs for the A22. They fill all the way with just a little room to spare. I threw my 2315 on today but it had a vibration so I pulled it off. I’m going to take it to get fixed next week. I’m sure the majority of my struggle getting on plane was that I had 10 adults on the boat with all the ballast maxed out. 

I’ll keep you posted more as I get things dialed in. 

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