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Surfgate wiring diagram needed

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My surfgates on a 2013 VLX do dot extend or retract when in calibrate or service mode.  I took it to the dealer and they said it needed a new module which is no longer in production.  I contacted Ashley at Lenco 772-291-2559 and she had Lenco make a special run to produce the module which took about 8 weeks to get. 

I've now installed the new 5 Lobe Lenco 30271-0035 Rev:A and I still don't have working surfgates.  If someone has a wiring diagram of where to check for power & ground it would be appreciated.  I'm currently selling the boat and don't have the time that it takes to get into the dealer.

Also, do I need a software update after installing the module?  it is the same model as the previous one that it replaced.  My software is MailView version 2014 v11.

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Also the actuators are working.  I currently have to use a battery jump box and hook it to the white & black wires they extend & retract so we are able to surf. 

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The surf gate controller and relay are located in the engine compartment on the port transom.

There is a black ground wire connected to the main engine ground that goes to the surf gate relay 86 connector and also to pins 11 and 12 on the 30 pin surf gate controller plug.

The red power wire is connected to the starter (or sometimes the port power post), to a 20 amp inline fuse, then goes to the relay 87 connector.  The relay 30 connector has a red wire that goes to pins 17 and 20 on the 30 pin surf gate controller plug.

An ignition power / CAN harness plug from the boat wiring harness has a purple wire that goes to the relay 85 connector and the twisted red and black CAN wires that go to pins 6 (red) and 16 (black) on the 30 pin surf gate controller plug.

The output to the left surf gate actuator plug is connected to pin 21 (black) and 22 (white) and the output to the right surf gate actuator plug is connected to pin 29 (red) and 30 (black) on the 30 pin surf gate controller plug.

When the dash ignition power is turned on the relay is energized and provides power to the surf gate controller.  CAN buss data is sent from the VIPER controller under the dash to the surf gate controller on the transom and the surf gate controller is programmed to determine when it should send power to a normally grounded actuator output wire to make the actuator extend or retract using an internal switching mechanism.  The internal surf gate controller switching mechanism will change polarity between one wire or the other going to the actuator to make the actuator extend or retract for a pre-programmed amount of time.

The surf gate will only extend when a surf side is selected on the helm touch screen and the boat is moving between 7 and 13 MPH.  The gate will automatically retract above or below that speed.

When you use the surf gate calibration in the setup menu the surf gate controller is told, via the CAN data, to retract both actuators and then it can determine which polarity should be sent to the outputs to extend the actuator during regular use.

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thanks for taking the time to writeup  the detailed info.  you are an incredible asset to the Malibu community.  I'll give it a shake down tomorrow and let you know how it goes.

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I got it figured out.  There was a green wire that turns into a black wire that was broken.  The broken wire was located near the inline fuse on the port side of the engine in a bundle with a yellow/black and purple wire. 

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