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2008 Wakesetter 247 LSV front fill and drain pump


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I recently purchased a 2008 Wakesetter 247 and am currently getting all the systems running. I was able to locate and fix the fill and drain pumps for the center tank, left rear and right rear.


The pumps for the front tank cannot be located. There is a front rigid tank visible from within the access portal with the center tank pumps. There appears to be plumbing lines running towards the driver seat. The panel under the driver's console has been removed and the subwoofer removed.

In this area there are many plumbing lines and an anti-siphon trap.

Unfortunately, there is no visible access to a set of pumps. I have looked at the bow area for access and there appears to be no access. Would you be able to guide me to the location of these pumps? 

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not sure if the 247 is similar to the 23, but in the 23 once the sub is removed you should be able to see an open passage in the front of the compartment that runs side to side, from driver to passenger.   In this passage way you will see the pump attached to the tank.  its a pain to change, but a lot easier from the driver side.

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Does it for sure have the front tank? It was optional on the 08 247. 

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IIRC, the fill pump is under the floor through the little center hatch next to the driver.  

The drain pump is behind a false wall that is in the walkway.  If you tease into the carpet on the corners, you can usually find some screws that hold that false wall in place.  Once removing it, the pump and rear of the front tank can be seen. 

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Here is a quick update.


I contacted Malibu and they pulled the build sheet for my hull number. The boat was not built with a front tank. Kind of a surprise. 


Does anyone here have experience with adding a front tank? I wouldn't mind pulling the boat apart this winter to add a front tank.


It appears I would need to pull the floor panel, fuel tank, and center tank and pumps. Then would I have access to install the front tank? Is there a cross-member between the center tank and front tank access? 


Which tank is the right tank?





When I spoke to the support staff at Malibu, they told me they no longer make the tanks. Due to the lack of tank manufacturing by Malibu, they will not provide information on adding a front tank.


Any help would be appreciated.

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I don't believe you can add the tank if your boat was built without it.  In boats with the front ballast, you cant walk into the bow.  your boat probably has a walkway in the bow that doesn't allow the tank to be added.


if your bow looks like this, the only thing you can add is a bag in there or on top of the seats.  I guess you could add it by cutting out the seat supports in the middle, but that really is the only way the tank would fit.  




This is what the front looks like stock with the ballast tank.


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I do not have the optional bow tank in my '07 247 LSV but order this 300# from WakeMakers:


I probably only fill it to around 200# with a manual pump for now.  I may plumb it it over winter since I already have an extra complete reversible kit from WakeMakers. 

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Thanks for the responses. 


Those photos are very enlightening.


I need to locate the thread where a platform was built to hold the cushions above a bag.

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