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Surf Gate issues

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I am having issues with the right surf gate..

when I'm at the lake I usually click calibrate surf gate then service to see if both surf gate open.

but recently the right one doesn't wanna work.. a year ago it was like every month now is every time I go to the lake.

This is happening to my 2017 Malibu 22 MXZ.. any help would be greatly appreciated!


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The alarm means that the IO module thinks that the right surf gate is not fully retracting.

It is likely a problem with the reed sensor in the actuator, a problem with the small two wire harness going to the actuator reed switch, or and issue with the large two wire harness for the actuator.

I have also seen a faulty actuator, faulty six pack relay module, a tripped breaker, loose connection at the surf gate breaker, loose power post connection on the port stringer, or a loose engine ground cable cause the actuator to move too slowly and cause this alarm.  A large voltage drop from a loose connection can cause the actuator to not fully retract during the 6 second run cycle.

If something, like the swim platform, contacts the surf gate preventing it from fully retracting, it can also cause the same alarm.

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thank you for your explanation..

what do I recommend I start looking at first? remove the cable to check connection or what's the most faulty part?

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I would check for loose connections first; at the batteries, port power post, engine ground, surf gate breaker, and connector plugs.

You can fully retract the surf gate by turning the red hydraulic bypass valve counter clockwise with a 10 mm wrench, then push the actuator in.  Test the small red and black wires on the surf gate harness plug.  They should have very low resistance.  The reed switch circuit is closed when the gate is in and the circuit is open when the gate begins to go out.  The small wires are prone to breaking where they go through the transom seal nut.  The replacement actuators have a different through hull fitting that reduces wear.  A faulty reed switch in the actuator can also prevent the circuit from closing.  Close the hydraulic bypass by turning it clockwise until snug and run the surf gate service a few times to bleed out the air when you are done testing.

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There is a previous thread I wrote about this with pictures.  If you search my name it might help you.

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32 minutes ago, Drslatt said:

There is a previous thread I wrote about this with pictures.  If you search my name it might help you.

This one?


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Nice Drslatt!! did you buy a new cable from Malibu or something that I can get from Lowes if that is the case?

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If you can track it down to the reed switch wire you can buy the wire anywhere

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Nice write up.  getting ready to dive off in an actuator replacement myself. 

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Follow-up.  My issue ended up being the 6 pack relay.  I determined this by unplugging the starboard actuator wires and plugging them into the working port actuator.  Problem followed so I concluded that the relay was not working after consulting a dealer.  New pack problem fixed.

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