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new trailer breaks not attached properly?


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the front two break calipers on a two axle trailer both moved with normal breaking. one bolt sheared off and the caliper was left hanging around the rotor, the rear tire almost blew out and the tread sheared off from locking up (assuming it was overcompensating for the front break on that side not pinching all the way). also the front calipers would wedge into the inside of the tires gouging the inner wheel well. every time the breaks engaged id have to reverse a foot or two to release this wedge, it was an insanely shot and stressful ride home.  this was a new trailer from the dealer which i am now like 250 miles away from any advice? i called them and let them know/ sent them a video they agreed to pay for it but the trailer repair man needs info on what parts to order. i have little confidence in this dealer as tehy seem to know very little about Malibu boats. ive been waiting for them to send me parts info for a few hours now should i call Malibu directly and ask for schematics?

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Both my 2010 BM and 2019 Malibu trailers were mostly UFP parts. Both brake set ups were DB-35 yours may differ. Here is the tell from the web. 

DB-35 or DB-42?
Pull the rotor and on the inside of the casting will be 1 of 2 numbers.
If the rotor is marked with 17mm then it is a DB-35 model brake system,
if the rotor is marked with 22.4mm then it is a DB-42 model brake system.

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I have used etrailer.com a number of times with good results. They will be cheaper and faster than the dealer in all respects I imagine. 

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4 minutes ago, wdr said:

I have used etrailer.com a number of times with good results. They will be cheaper and faster than the dealer in all respects I imagine. 

thank you!

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No problem. Hope you get it sorted out. If you have to take it somewhere and you don’t want to have to worry about it locking up. All you have to do is unbolt the caliper assembly leaving the brake line attached and securely fasten it on top of the axle cross bar with a ratchet strap. At least that is what I did. You won’t have brakes, but it will get you where you need to go.

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