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Need to replace my house batteries

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I have a 4 battery set up. One start battery and three house batteries. I replaced the start battery recently and now I need to replace the 3 house batteries.  What size, amp hour etc do you recommend. im tired of lead acid batteries. 

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Determine your normal amp load (watts/volts) and how long it will draw the load.  Use a calculator like this as a baseline.


Choose batteries that will physically fit in your compartment/boxes and that can provide the amp rating you need (e.g. to run a 30 amp load for 4 hours you need 278 AH batteries).

Or, you can use the Reserve Capacity (RC) rating which is the minutes a battery will discharge 25 amps until it drops below 10.5 volts.

New Malibu boats use Northstar NSB AGM batteries as a factory option, and they range from 76-103 AH depending on the size.

Here is an example of the 27 series battery:


Also, a good onboard charger would be a necessity, if to do not have one already.

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2 minutes ago, justgary said:

Why use a dual purpose battery when you really want deep cycle?

I agree. Having problems finding just deep cycle.

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10 minutes ago, OLDGUY said:

I agree. Having problems finding just deep cycle.

You didn't answer the question about your load.  What are you running, how much current does it take, and how long do you want it to last?

I would use a single 225 AH battery rather than two 105 AH ones if that is what you need.

I have eight 12V 225 AH batteries in a 48V solar panel setup (2 parallel of 4 series) for 450 AH.  I really need four more batteries to cover the load I want to use, but the price is holding me back for now.

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My boat has a wetsound synister amp, a 6 channel amp and a 10" bazooka sub woofer.

Not to mention multiple pumps for ballast.

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Most of the time the engine will be running. Have a 140 amp alternator

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If that is what you need for the electrical load in your boat then running those 6V batteries in series should work, but I can't imagine what you are running to need that many amp hours.

You will definitely need a good charger for those batteries.  Check the installation instructions on your charger to make sure you connect it to that battery bank correctly. 

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