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Slalom Ski Handles


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I need to get a slalom ski handle.  I know a lot of answers will be based on preference and feel, but I have never slalom skied before so I don't have anything to compare to.  I am not skiing any courses either so that shouldn't play into my decision.  This is also the reason why I don't need a high end handle and rope combo.  One of my questions or suggestion is without being able to get a feel for it in person, how do I blindly decide between 12" or 13" length and also grip diameter?  This handle only offers .940" or 1" diameter.
I was looking at this for the handle. https://www.masterlineusa.com/collections/slalom-handles/products/monster-radius-team-water-ski-handle
One of these two options for the rope. https://www.masterlineusa.com/collections/slalom-ropes/products/10-75m-dlx-mainline-8-section-slalom-rope

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If it's your first time using a handle, any one of them will do. You'll have nothing to compare to or have been used to previous. I say, get the one you like the looks of the best. Smaller diameter, as slight as it is, will be easier to hold on to.

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It all depends on you.  I buy the thickest handles that I can find, the small bars are hard to hold onto when you wear XL-2XL gloves.  Skinny handles for small hands.  Some folks like curved handles and others like straight bar.  Personally I use a 13" Radar antiroll straight handle with a 1.062 handle.  Beyond that you need to decide if you want an anti roll handle or the standard bar with holes in it style

Next handle will be a Masterline with a 1.183 handle.  


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I agree with @oldjeep.  It's a very personal preference sort of thing.  I don't care for the curved handles.  I much prefer the straight ones.  While not as small as @ahopkinsVTXtiny hands, I'm not in XL territory so the smaller .940 diameter handles work well for me.  Best advise I would give you is to go to a proshop somewhere and put a couple in your hands tied to something low and get a good lean on and see what feels best.  Be sure to wear your gloves when you do so. 

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Yeah you don't need to overthink this.  It's personal preference, I use a Radar rope with a slightly curved handle (it's what I like).  Just go into any shop and try out the handle you like, buy that.

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I like In-Tow bent handle.  13"x1.182" diameter i.e. the biggest one they make.  If you do a lot of skiing, the bent handle is easier on the elbows by a lot.  In-tow comes with nice end caps you don't get on the Masterlines.  Masterlines always give me blisters on the side of my right index finger where the bridle rubs against a thin spot on my glove.  Both companies make a good product, but I'm sold on my In-Tow.  Masterline still sponsors a rather unsavory individual also which bugs me personally. 

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All these vertically challenged people sure care about their hand size...

Anyway, like everyone has said it’s completely personal preference outside of don’t buy a super cheap handle. Any intow, masterline, syndicate, radar or proline will be made well and perform well. Best is to go to a store and feel what is best in you hands for diameter, curve and width. Then you’ll need to ski it for a bit to see how it is. Good luck!

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I roll with Brenda (In Tow) unless I need a trick handle, then Masterline is pretty much the only game in town.  I like 13 x 1.0 bent or radius  with the spectra line, ARS, and the ski guard to keep the ski from cutting the line on the starts.

No matter what use something to keep your head and neck out of the handle like the fluid motion handle guard.



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16 hours ago, Hemmy said:

This handle felt good

That's the key right there.  :)  

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Repetition of above, handle preference is purely an individual thing.  Consider the probability your first handle will not be your final preference as you gain experience.

Several elements to consider:  1. straight or radius bent handle, for me radius as that eliminates elbow pain (I do ski a lot so an important item),  2. handle diameter, I lean towards the smaller end as it allows a better hook for my fingertips (I don't hold the handle in my palm),  3.  handle grip, the rubber can be slippery/hard/or feel like a marshmellow,  4.  width, I like 13" only because in the course I may be scrambling and not be as precise as I should be and it sucks grabbing at air when you are expecting a handle or getting only 1 or 2 fingers on it (followed by lots of 4 letter words)  5.  end caps and protection for handle pops, and as a starter, you don't want a handle pop to dent your nice new ski.  Another item to consider is a handle guard which protects the possibility of the handle going through your head in a fall.  Don't skimp out on handle / rope as a fall from a broken rope/handle tends to be painful.

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