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medallion gauges

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hey malibu experts. i just sold my b52 and got a 2004 23lsv. when i got the boat the 4 gauge pod was not working. i searched on here and got the link to the medallion diagnostic download but all i can find is for the older style with the pito tubes. i found a small blurb on here on how to put the gauges into self test. i did that and got the volt gauge to read something but not the actual voltage, the fuel would sweep in a janky way and got the other 2 to vibrate a little after some percussive therapy. i have 2 questions for the crew. 1 with those results i think the gauge pod is bad as opposed to the computer controller and ordered a new pod, am i on the right track? 2 does anyone know how those gauges actually work? i am a pretty good wrench and have been working on cars, boats, bikes for years but for the life of me i cant figure out what makes those gauges work. as near as i can tell they have 2 ground wires and 2 different 7 volt inputs. what kind of black magic takes that and turns it into 4 signals for 4 different gauges.  normally i can test a gauge or a sender check for shorts and at least get an educated guess. i am at a loss here and had shotgunning parts. thanks for any help. 

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They use a CANBUS to keep the signals on a one-wire system.  Try swapping  the connector from a working gauge like your tach or speedo to see if it is the box or the 4-1 gauge.  You can repair or replace the 4-1 gauge.

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tach seems to be something different it is in the perfect pass and no 5 pin. i did hook up the spedo one and same results. there was also an extra 5 pin there in and that did nothing either there, i assume must have went to the non pp tack. i did not do the self test with the other 2 wires  was not sure how they worked but i will try that. my mechanical expertise ends with anything computer. i have heard the term canbus but have no idea what it means. sounds like i have a new youtube subject. thanks for the help gives me a good place to start learning. 

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Since you are mechanically handy, remove the medallion unit and resolder everything inside.  A bad connection is the most likely failure. 

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i looked at taking the gauge apart to do just that but it looked welded. if it turns out to be the control unit i will try that for sure. thanks for the input


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