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First Malibu

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Hi all! Been reading the forum for a while now, thanks for all the information. I’ve been around boats all my my life. We have a Chaparral 280 SSi and a couple of jet skis. The Chap is great because we have a place on a big lake and it handles the waves. However the kids (10 and 8) really want to get a boat to surf. Neighbors have a Malibu, new last year and they love it. Been doing a lot of reading and looking if Malibu Wakesetter, budget is about $50-55k. I’ve got a lead on a 2012 VLX, no surf gate. 
Any thoughts on the first Malibu for me and the family for surfing?

thanks all

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If you're interested in surfing, I'd be looking for a newer boat with Surf Gate.  It's much easier to get started that way.  JMHO, but likely you'll have to increase your budget.  I'm sure others will have differing opinions, but that's what I'd be thinking. Good luck.

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You should look thru the posts to learn what is necessary to get a surf wave from the '12 VLX you are looking at. Adding lead, adding suck-gate(s), etc. It can be done for sure. 

However, since you stated that the reason for the boat is for surfing, my suggestion would be to try to look for a Surf Gate equipped boat. This will most likely run another $20k above your stated budget. May not be an option to extend the budget, but I will always recommend that if you want to surf, buy a surf boat. Similarly, if you want a ski boat, don't buy a surf boat!

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I have an 11 VLX and it surfs pretty darn good with plug and play wakemakers bags in rear lockers.  They were like $400 for the kit.  I also have the Swell suckgate.  Takes maybe one minute to put on side of boat.  Yes it would be nice to have a button to push but that is not worth 10-15K more for me at this time.  Maybe when prices normalize I will upgrade but I would go for the newest ride your money can afford. Make sure the MTC(Screen by Throttle) is not delaminated.  Basically bubbles in and around the screen.  I will add pic here.  It cost 2K to replace.  I have replaced mine once and the newer versions are supposed to last longer.

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