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Power Wedge 2 Control module 2015 VLX

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Has anyone had power wedge 2 control module fail. Have a 2015 VLX22

Wedge wont go up on water when moving forward, Wont go up using debug screen either

5A fuses for wedge up and wedge down under dash are ok, Wedge circuit breaker near V drive ok also

Disconnected wiring connector out of control module (at transom) and then measured voltages with under dash fuses in bypass.

With Down fuse in bypass position had 12V out of control module to wedge actuator. With Up fuse in bypass position had no voltage out to wedge actuator

Have I diagnosed correctly that control module at transom is at fault. Will book into dealer this week

Do the control boxes for PW2 fail as havent seen any posts of similar problem. Have seen posts about older PW1 failures but not PW2 which use different actuators / control modules etc

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With the Up fuse in bypass, did you simulate the boat moving?

I assume the PW2 has the same safety feature as my PW1 that boat has to be moving forward to activate wedge up. If you have a paddle wheel speed control you just have to spin the wheel. Not sure how you would troubleshoot with GPS speed control. 

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Ok thanks for suggestion. Have now also tried with spinning paddle wheel (after selecting it for speed instead of GPS ) and same result

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2015 Malibu Power Wedge 2 has a 2-pack of relays that reverses the actuator motor to make it to up and down, but it does not use an I/O module like 2016 and newer boats do.  I would look into a possible issue with the relays, or a faulty connection from there to the actuator first.

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Update from dealer. Dealer has traced fault to power wedge 2 relay box (sealed ignition protected relay module that switches polarity for wedge actuator to go up or down). Labelled as malibu wake plate lift module, located inside transom.

Waiting for malibu to deliver new relay module to dealer. $180 

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