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fuel capacity 2017 mxx

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Is anyone aware of the ability to add fuel capacity to this boat?  its 40 gallons....Im at the marina  nearly everyday we use it..Not sure what the idea in a small tank was in building this boat.  This is my first boat(2nd season) and didn't even think about the frequency I would be filling my tank.  Thanks for any input.  Brian

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Ha , I just posted a similar question before reading your post. My only real compldd as to of my t22 ( 42 gallon tank) I hate filling up all the time 

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The best way to decrease fuel consumption is to make the boat lighter and use the largest recommended prop available, especially at lower attitudes.  Of coarse, doing that would mean you really shouldn't fill the ballast, or use the wedge, and surfing would really be out of the question.  Running a larger pitch prop can make it difficult to maintain a steady speed when the boat is heavily loaded and can also cause engine damage.

You may be able to remove the center ballast tank, remove all of the ballast pumps near the tank, and have a custom fuel tank made to replace the original tank and the center ballast.  It seems like a completely ridiculous idea and would be extremely expensive, but it may be possible.

Otherwise, just fill the tank every day before using the boat.  Avoid "topping off" the tank when filling.  Anything built after 2012 will have a USCG mandated diurnal tank vent system that prevents the tank from filling completely to allow for expansion and reduce VOC s.  Topping off can actually damage the tank or fuel system.  Boats prior to 2012, that do not have the diurnal system, will just spit fuel out of the vent after topping off and it will get all over the boat, in the water, and likely get on you, too.

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Our first family boat was a 2004 Key West 18' 6" with a 60 gallon tank.  We could do three days or so of running about, wakeboarding, tubing, and skiing before filling up.  

Last year we bought a 2020 22 LSV with a 48 gallon tank.  Our typical usage (we put on right at 100 hours last summer) was 26 to 34 gallons a day.  With that consumption a tank large enough for two days of running to me seems impractical.  Both in weight when trailering the boat and when on the water.  

You have to keeping mind any fuel tank is taking space that could be used for ballast or storage space.  Which is a larger selling point.  Two days of gas or 300 pounds of ballast?

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Thanks for the input...we run with ballast and fat sacks..so off to the marina we go.  My kids are going to try wakefoil this year...suspect that will require less ballast .    Bonus = less fuel consumption

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