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Flooring Template


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Has anyone done a flooring template/kit for a 2007 Malibu Wakesetter 21'?  I'm looking to replace the carpet with Gator Step, SeaDeck, etc but neither of the websites have my model of boat.  

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I haven't done a template for that particular boat, but I have made several templates.  It really isn't difficult, but making a good one is time consuming.

Remove any snap studs and fill them with clear or colored silicone sealant if you like.  I tape the clear mylar template down, then I use a ruler, yardstick, and square to help get my lines straight.  I only free hand areas that require it.  The witness mark lines are important if you want the patterns to line up on the finished product.  If you have that diamond style non-skid flooring, make sure all your template edges are at least a 1/4 to 1/2 inch into the smooth part of the flooriing.  Do not template over the top of separate or removable floor panels.  Also, do not cut right on the line you draw at the edge of the template.  Basically, just follow the instructions in the template kit.  I also take photos of the templates in place from close up, and far away, then draw out the template diagram on a piece of paper.  Email all of this info to Seadek, Gatorstep, or whoever you use and send the diagram with the templates, then get ready to wait a while.

When you receive the paper proofs, just tape them down and make sure everything fits correctly.  If there are problems, mark the proof to correct the problem and write your explanation on it.  Sending the proofs back and forth when there is an issue is time consuming, but easier than installing something with flaws.

Finally, the big day when the flooring arrives!  Prepping the surface is important.  Get the area as clean as possible, then wipe it all down with acetone.  I also give it one more wipe down with Windex or glass cleaner.

Sanding down flat all of the diamond style non-skid gives the best adhesion, but I only do that on swim platforms or areas that will often be very wet or submerged.

Lay everything out for a final check to make sure everything fits and lines up correctly (and the colors are correct).  Don't just pull all the backing off and try to stick the entire piece down at once, unless your are extremely lucky or talented.  I carefully cut the backing along the middle, tape down half of the flooring to the deck, lift the other half up, remove the backing to expose the self adhesive, then carefully press down that half of the floor.  Lift up the other half, remove the backing, then press that side down.

I use a roller to help press the floor down like this one:


After, I press down all the edges of the flooring again by hand.

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