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Fuel sender '01 SS lxi

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As it seems is normal for my generation boat my fuel gauge is very pessimistic.  It reads full when tank is full, but will read empty when I still have a 1/4 tank +.  Photos below show current sender.  What would the best replacement be?




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It may be worth your time to check the old sender while you have it out.  I believe that the ground for it terminates on the stud at the back of the port head.  Make sure that all of the connections are clean and then test the sender.  If it works properly from empty to full, keep using it. 

If you still notice that it shows empty when the tank isn't, measure the tank to make sure you have the correct length sender. 

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When I pulled the back seat out, I found a ring connector on a black wire hanging there, but on starboard side by the fuel filler... I thought maybe it was supposed to be connected to one of the studs on the filler, which I had out a couple years back after losing my gas cap.  I didn't have time to trace it completely, but it ran to the sender and then continued along one of the fuel lines towards the motor, I think.

Thanks JustGary!  I'll check it out more tomorrow after work.

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Hi, I have a 2001 Sunsetter LXI. Once upon a time I replaced that sender and I was hoping my log "how site has helped me w my boat maintenance" or something like that...I went back and sure enough I had a comment on the sender...but I didnt record the part number.

Here is what I had written:   "I finally found the post on installing a new "teleflex fuel sender" on the tank. Damn I am excited. Also, I found the thread on the new fuel check valve to install to keep the fuel tank from overflowing and pumping fuel out the overflow port all over everything. I bought them both at 1am last night from "discount inboard marine". 75$ for the checkvalve and 29 for the fuel sender."

This was a few years ago so maybe the price has changed. But they both worked great...my gauge is pretty accurate and it is adjustable. Just be VERY careful with the delicate fuel sender float...you can easily crush it and if it gets fuel in it it wont work right. I remember I nearly crushed it.

Just about everything you ever wanted to know about a sunsetter LXI is in that post since I have had this boat 21 years now...you may want to browse it. 

Good Luck


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