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Installing transom lights/removing rear seat 2001 SS lxi

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Hi everyone-

I had a couple of threads going before the crash regarding installing underwater lights on my 2001 Sunsetter.  I was struggling  to get the trunk floor out.  I thought I'd post up how I did it, which was to take the rear seat back out.  I needed to do this anyways to get the vinyl repaired on the seat back, but it really wasn't very painful to remove, and it make taking the trunk floor out super easy.  After removing the trunk floor I now realize that I need to take the fuel tank out to access the lower area of the transom where I am going to run the wires to the lights.  And now that I've come this far I may as well replace the fuel lines....  Snowball effect for sure.  But for anyone else with a SS Lxi taking the rear seat back out is no big deal.  There's 4 7/16" lag bolts on either side under the gunnel, and then you need to take out 2 screws from the seat bases on either side.  Of course the trunk lid is attached to the seat back too.

By the way I'm also converting the 3 piece seat bottom into a 1 piece seat like a Response.  I've got the Starboard on the way to make the base and am hoping that the Denver upholstery guy can match the vinyl...  I talked to Gabe about it and he was not super into the modification.  I'll let you know how it turns out.

Thanks to everyone you've been very helpful.  I hope someone finds this useful.







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Yeah, I was thinking about that.  I just put an order into Bakes today for cap/rotor/wires.  I was thinking of at least pulling one off to see what it looked like on the inside.  But to do that, I'm thinking I need to take the upper exhaust manifold off, which means new gasket, which means I might as well pull the lower manifolds off and have them re-powder coated, which means.....

Summer isn't that far away, even here.

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Don't mess with powder coating the manifolds, just get a can of black spray paint and go for it. 

If you see a rust ring at the riser joint, it is best to go ahead and pull them to make sure the water jacket is not rusting through.  Gaskets are fairly cheap.  Hose is too, compared to sinking the boat if an old one ruptures. 

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The only corrosion is on the bottom of the manifolds where the exhaust ports are.  Only reason I would powdercoat is because a buddy does it.  I hope chances of jacket being rusted through are slim.  Boat only has 380 hours on it all fresh water.  The exhaust hoses would be easiest to swap now though good call.

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You don't need to pull the manifolds off to remove and replace exhaust hoses.  I just redid my exhaust hoses on my '01 Response.  I did new manifold gaskets last year but didn't need to pull them again to do the hoses.  When you cut your new ones, cut them an inch or so short at the back.  The exhaust tips have a lot of length to them.  Cutting those hoses a little short lets you slide them back and forth a bit to align everything before snugging everything down.

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