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High altitude prop vs standard prop

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Anyone have any thoughts about the high altitude prop vs the standard prop on a 23LSV?  I have a boat on order with the M5 engine and use the boat at sea level mostly for cruising.  I feel like I'd like to be able to go for a longer ride and not have the engine wound up at 25 mph riding speed.  But how does the standard prop do when you want to surf?


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Can’t help you on an M5....

I have the M6 with the standard prop and torque prop and prefer the standard at local altitude, 300-400 ft.  The torque prop, altitude prop, was not necessary at 2000 ft with 6+ adults, ballast etc for surfing or wakeboarding on my 2020 WS LSV.  I like it as a spare.  We will be going to 3500 feet plus and will try it at those elevations.

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M5 is going to struggle with the 23 LSV at all elevations.  No disrespect, but I would never buy the 23 LSV with the M5. Don't get me wrong, the 5.3l GM GDI engine is a fantastic little v8 .  We had a Monsoon 350 in our 2013 23 LSV and it struggled big time.  I don't think there is a need for a torque/high altitude prop on the M6.   We live at 4000' and boat anywhere between 3500 and 6500.  Spent a week in Tahoe last summer and never noticed a decline in power.  We have the M6 and have never had a problem with getting up to our desired speeds.  Usually have 4-8 people in the boat full ballast and never had a problem.  

Have you demoed the M5?  Hopefully you demoed a boat that cost south of 100+ before ordering it!   

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Not an apples to apples comparison on a 20/21 LSV M5 with  2:1 and a 17” prop. And my ‘19 23 LSV with the M5, 1.76:1 VD ratio and the “HA prop” the 2773, 15 x 13. At 380’ ASL, I pretty much live in the 3500-3800 rpm range regardless of what I am doing. 3550 sees me doing 25 mph cruising and 3800ish sees me surfing at 11.2 mph with full MLS and pnp and an 850 in the bow with max wedge. I am sitting @ 4000 rpm wake boarding which might be once a year. I don’t have a problem getting on the plane and don’t notice any cavitation except when wake boarding. If you have the 2:1 and the 17” prop, IIWM, I would definitely stay with the factory prop, use it for a season and then decide about reproping. I know for a fact that if I was wake board centric I would be disappointed with my M5 “as it is equipped” and don’t think a reprop could fix the short coming. JM2C Bill

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