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Rudder bolt urgent question

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2008 Wakesetter LSV 247

Hello Malibu crew we are changing our steering cable and steering box I noticed the rudder bolts goes through the steering cable and you can see where the threads are wearing away seems like there should be a shoulder there does anybody taken one out to see if this looks similar to theirs?


trying to make sure that's why mine wasn't doing a weird binding thing on one side the cable felt pretty good we're going to change it anyway.


Much appreciate if anybody has advice or this just looks normal?



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It has been a while since I have looked at one, but it seems like the one side shouldn't really move.  The other side has the shoulder, so that would be the side I would expect to have movement.  Perhaps it just wasn't tight enough?

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Replace it.
Bakes has them.

Bolt should be bolted tight to the rudder arm and the steering cable end pivots around the shouldered/non-threaded side of the bolt.

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Yeah that is what I thought.  The bolt threads are worn so I guess it gets some movement. 


One more question the bracket that's @$#!$ hard to get to behind the engine mount, that the cable assembly mounts to.  Should that be tight?  Mine is loose but the backing bolts are on the inside behind the ballast tanks.  I find it hard to believe both bolts loosened so I am thinking it is loose for a small amount of play?

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I did my steering 2 years ago and it didn't look like that - the bolt almost looked new.  See my picture in this thread -

I agree with replacing it - i sprayed a little white lithium on mine on the smooth section of the bolt.   


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Thanks mine was pretty worn, I ended up putting Teflon washers on the top and the bottom tightened down to fingers crossed!


still not sure if the mounting bracket the l bracket that attaches to the actual fiberglass of the boat is supposed to be loose?

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Damn so I need to take the ballast tank out and get behind it for those bolt's ugh......

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@WGjames- You are technically correct that a shoulder is the correct surface for a joint that carries a loading heim joint or non threaded part that imparts a load.  Appears from the followup post the actual part is standard Malibu issue so if you wanted to update an alternate source such as McMaster Carr may have what you would want.

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My guess...maybe it was installed upside down. On my Sunsetter LXI, the bolt is inserted from the bottom...it looks like the threads were taking the load that the shoulder should have. Make sure its installed correct direction/orientation. Yes buy a new one.

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My theory(and I'm really dreading removing the rear ballast to tighten the bracket that holds the cable). The top nut was loose so it wore the threads.  If this is tight the movement should only be on the bottom shoulder portion and rotate around that point. My original problem was under power turing to the right just off center it would get tight the break free.  At idle completely free.  A mystery...


Any ideas how the carpet board come out of the starboard side.  One screw near the engine get the rear loose but something else is holding it

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