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2012 23LSV Random Fuses on Battery labeled Power

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I am adding a fuse panel next to the batteries to clean up reversible ballast pump wiring from the previous owner. I don’t like tons of wires ran straight to the battery with fuses everywhere unlabeled so the plan is to put everything hooked to the batteries currently on this new fuse panel. 

I found 2 factory wires in the process that are connected to the rear most battery. They both have 10 amp fuses. One is brown and the other is brown with red stripe. Following these wires I found they go around the front and under the helm and T into the factory harness that then goes into the stringers and up towards the dash. From there I loose the wires and can’t find them again looking all over the boat. Any idea what they are? I’d like to move them to my fuse panel and label them. 

Owning a boat really stresses me out when I have to look at the wiring.  I feel like the factory makes a mess of it and there are fuse holders and relays everywhere along the harness. I just hope nothing ever goes wrong that leaves me hunting for one of these random fuses that could be anywhere. 

Hope someone can help me identify these. I can take pictures tomorrow if that would help. 


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I’ll take a look at the Bilge this would make sense. Pretty sure it’s not the radio memory because the wire doesn’t go towards to the radio brain and amp rack it turns goes alongside what is likely the auto bilge and into the main harness.
Would the mefi 5 have a constant 12v also for memory by chance? 

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Brown with red stripe is the auto bilge go call on that would have taken me a while to find due to it isn’t easily noticed that it’s not working when the fuse is removed. 

There is no brown I just remembered wrong;
it is a solid red wire. Unplugging the fuse seems to kill ecu power. When fuse is removed turning key to run does nothing. No fuel pump and engine won’t turn over.  I didn’t think to test that when I was out here yesterday or I may have found that sooner. 

would the red wire be the main ecu power wire I wonder? 

thanks for everyone’s input!

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Not sure it may. It was fused with a 10amp in line fuse next to the battery. 

im not really sure how the ignition is wired  since it has both the touch screen to start the boat and the override switch incase the screen dies. Any ideas and I could take a look. 


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