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Boat Gear List


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Everything that you could possibly need to outfit your new-to-you boat is listed here.

Over the last 18 months I've been polishing my boat, cleaning up the trailer, detailing the vinyl and often I'll think, "Man, I wish I would have known about that before I bought the boat." Sucking up water from the carpet with a shop vac, for example. Stewart said something about it earlier this summer and now I almost fill my vac with water at the end of the day. Stuff like that. So, I thought it would be a great idea to create a list for new boat owners, first time boat owners, and used boat buyers. There are a number of resources on the net. Let's put them all together in one place to help the soon to be boat owner.

Above all, the 3 things that you will need are:

  • Money - You'll need lots of it. If you don't already know, BOAT stands for Break Out Another Thousand. This could not be more true.
  • Time - Again, you'll need lots of it. Be prepared to spend as much time prepping and cleaning the boat as you actually spend on the water. Okay, maybe not quite, but it will seem like it at times. The bigger the boat you buy the longer it will take to clean.
  • Broadband internet connection - Without it you'll spend twice as long on this web site.

In addition, if you are brand new to boating, you may want to consider taking a boating safety class. Generally they are free & readily available/accessible.
Basic Gear

  • Anchor - There are many different types or the Box Anchor
  • Rope for Anchor - needs to be strong and long, at least 50'
  • Chain for anchor
  • Anchor Buddy
  • Anchor buoy to mark where the anchor is located
  • Sandspike or something similar to attach the stern to shore.
  • Docking ropes - at least two, four would be ideal. These should be at least 10' long.
  • Wakeboarding Rope - ideal is 'no-stretch' (IE Spectra line)
  • Slalom Rope
  • Wakesurf Rope
  • Other ropes specific to the discipline that you may be interested in (barefooting, foiling & trick skiing are a few)
  • Tube rope - make sure it's thick enough & rated for the tube you buy. (IE 3 man tube = 3 man tube rope)
  • Toys - wakeboard, surfboard, wakeskate, slalom ski, double skis, kneeboard, foil, tube
  • Vests - buy a vest for each of you and your family. Make sure you have enough spares to meet the limit on your boat, even if they are orange PFD's. IMPORTANT - make sure that they are Coast Guard Approved (CGA).
  • Class IV floating cushion - required by law in most states as a 'throwable floating device'
  • Towels - lots of them
  • Gloves
  • Binding Slime - helps you get in and out of bindings
  • Fire Extinguisher - this is required by law in many states, based on your boat length
  • Fenders (don't buy the small ones!) & fender lines - at least two of each
  • Air Horn - for emergencies, or letting Wallys know not to hit you
  • Paddle - may be required by law in some states
  • Skier-down Flag & a spare - required in many states
  • Tube Inflator
  • Boat key and spare on a float
  • Spare set of truck keys
  • First Aid Kit
  • All insurance and trailer paperwork in a ZipLock bag in the glove box of the boat
  • Beverage/Party Preparations
  • Picnic supplies - plates, napkins, utensils, etc.
  • Baby Wipes - get a box that seals, or a Ziplock bag where they'll keep moist. Great for general clean up.
  • Stash some cash somewhere in case of emergency
  • TP - you just never know....

Mechanical & Utility

  • Basic tool kit
  • Portable Battery Jump Pack
  • Spare prop & puller - if possible, buy a slightly used prop. Acme Marine sells a 'Weekend Saver' kit that has the puller and all you'll need to get back on the water after a ding.
  • Diving mask/goggles - see sharp knife below
  • Sharp knife - may need to cut a rope from your propeller
  • Spare impeller
  • Engine oil
  • Safety Chain from your bow eye to trailer. Not always standard on trailers.
  • Rear Tie Downs
  • Lug Wrench & Trailer Jack. Make sure wrench fits your trailer lugs.
  • Spare Tire
  • Bearings - for the long hauls


  • Cleaning Rags - Lots of them (The Absorber, available at Walmart & Target among other places)
  • Shop vac - a small one works great for getting in & out of the boat. Dewalt makes a good one that can run off of battery or cord.
  • Portable steam cleaner such as the Bissel Little Green for cleaning the carpet.
  • Vinyl Cleaner - Spray bottle basic cleaner, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for tough stains & marks
  • Vinyl protection - Boat Bling Vinyl Sauce
  • Window cleaner
  • RainX for the windshield
  • Wax - for the hull
  • Teak Oil, Tung Oil or Teakguard (your choice) for your teak platform. Available at Ace Hardware.
  • Racks in your garage to let all of this stuff dry out after use. It takes a while if it's not in the direct sunlight. Using a fan or Dry Z Air can help prevent mildew.
  • Hull Cleaner - For daily wipe down: Hot Sauce, Babe's Boat Brite, Meguiar's Quik Detail Spray, Eagle One Wax As U Dry, or Eagle One Wipe & Shine Quick Detailing Spray
  • Hull Cleaner - For when you need to get off hard water spots & other tough stains: Boat Bling Hot Sauce.

Things you may wish you had

  • Kickin' Stereo, tower speakers, subwoofer
  • Tower or extended pylon if your boat didn't come with one
  • Rack(s) to put mount your Toys to the tower or pole
  • Training Boom - for beginners, barefooting, etc.
  • Wetsuit and/or drysuit - extend your season with one of these
  • Registration numbers from DomedNumbers.com
  • Towable cover from either Evolution Covers or Rankin Covers - first class look & function as well as customer service from each of these companies
  • Ballast sacks & fill pumps - for those wanting bigger wakes than stock, you may want one or more of these.

Additionally, when you go to pick up the boat at the dealer the first time, make sure you take this checklist with you.

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