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Mooring Boat Cover - Already tried EVO & Commercial Sew'n


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Hi, not having much luck with ether brand on a 2014 VLX for waterproofing...    maybe due to all-day full sun exposer? I thought this would be helpful to anyone looking to purchase a new cover for mooring (waterproofing) and NOT trailering.

Factory cover (Commercial Sewing) - fit well but after couple years it lost waterproofing and started to disintegrate….    yes it actually was turning into powder. A thin layer of dust covered interior every-time covering the boat? Washed it, re-applied 303 fabric guard but the dust continued. Now using it as interior storage cover overtop of EVO to protect EVO cover from dust/droppings.

Evolution Cover - Ordered black from Cory, again fit great, however after couple of summers lost its waterproofing in stern area above the engine? Per Cory's instructions,  washed and 303 fabric guard was applied...….      lasted a couple days? Following summer re-washed and generously re-applied 303, again waterproofing only lasted a couple days? So I contacted Cory, he said Sunbrella fabric eventually looses waterproofing capability after a couple years even with good maintenance and 303? That's a shame, the EVO cover still looks new and trailers great but leaks like a sieve. 

Any recommendations for good-quality waterproof mooring cover that doesn't need to be trailing friendly?



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I’ve had both Great Lakes and commercial sewing covers.  After a year of use they need to be heavily treated with 303, no way around it. The dust after cleaning and treating with 303 seems bizarre and unacceptable.  

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12 hours ago, Eagleboy99 said:

That would be a great way to create a  moldy boat.  The cover has to breathe.

A breathable fabric will never be waterproof, but vents can easily be installed in a waterproof fabric cover and moisture absorbers are also often used in boats to prevent mold and mild in wet climates.

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15 hours ago, csleaver said:

A breathable fabric will never be waterproof

Clearly, you have never heard of Goretex.  ;)  Seriously, a vinyl cover with vents and  buckets of dessicants for a moored boat?  Well, not MY boat.  I have (as posted) been very sucessful with a Sunbrella cover lasting more than five years on a boat moored all summer.  (I have to find the picture I have of my boat in a storm - the cover held up and kept the interior dry even while waves were crashing right over it!)

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  • 4 months later...

Ended up ordering cover from skiboatcover.com (per Evo's recommendations for a mouring cover only). Material is gray WeatherMax with 2 vents and Gore Tenara thread. Essentially it was same price as new Commercial Sew'n cover with these custom options: Port-side skirt, 11" transom skirt and hang-tyte lift ring.

Fits kinda loose... I may need to add additional straps (like evo's) to draw it back towards stern to help shed rain. Also doesn't have anything (velcro) around tower flaps to keep closed? Came with 3 poles, which I intend not to use. 

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  • 6 months later...

Late on the Thread,..my experience with Commercial Sewing covers and customer service not satisfying.  The cover disintegrated in a powdery mess after two years that has never stopped.  I washed the cover with Woolite and applied Starbrite waterproofer, but truly water intrusion wasn't the problem, I just wanted the ridiculous coating of powder all over my boat to stop.  Nothing like detailing your boat before a short trip down the highway to your destination and to have to wipe down your boat's every surface again to remove the powdery residue.  Looking for something else more sturdy this time, I feel the Outer Armor/Commercial Sewing's fabric, which does fit beautifully like a glove, is too thin and lacks durability. 

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On 12/30/2020 at 1:43 PM, Eagleboy99 said:

I'm on my second Westland cover (they seem to last 5-7 years for me).  With my pole support system, ZERO leakage.  Not treated with anything.  Moored offshore for months.

Is this the cover your refer to Eagleboy99? I'm in Florida, so I'm dealing more with sun and rain than cold and snow.
My commercial sewn cover just ripped, seems like dry rot, to be fair it might be the original 1997 Malibu Response, which is pretty impressive, but the boat was garage kept.

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