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New to us 2017 25 LSV - input?

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We sold out 2005 VLX during the Covid buying craze last summer and just bought a 2017 25 LSV.

Its MUCH more boat than our VLX and I'm looking for any tips or experiences on

Storage set up

Wake set up

Cooler options

Needed Upgrades

Any info is appreciated


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The beauty of that boat is that it is all ready to go not much needed. 

 I put some lead in my 2019 (same running surface, IIRC).  I only used 250 pounds and saw an improvement over an already great wave.  I put 100 pounds in the front center where the batteries are.  I think your batteries are under the glove box.  Then 100 pounds under the glove box and another 50 in the coffin along the side.  We liked the wedge on a little bit rampy and would then speed it up to 11.8-12.  

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I have a a 2016 25.

You get use to the size real quick.

I got a 4 inch booster for the seat (2 plastic bars you insert under seat).  Easy install (4 bolts), don't even notice it's there, real help with visibility.

The high altitude prop is a must but you probably already have it.

I simply set he wake for expert, set speed to 22 and it's a fantastic wake.  I ride with people that have newer Supra, lsv23, Moomba, centurian and the lsv25 is our favorite wake without question.

For new people I just leave everything empty so I can turn the speed down as best I can but it's a big heavy boat and the down side to that you can only slow the boat so mush and expect a clean wake.

It also wins for surf wake but there are post detailing the best setup for lsv25

The 2016-17 lsv25 is a loud boat but I'm use to it.  It's not so much it a loud motor it just the gear ratio is such that it runs at a higher RPM.  My neighbor has a 2020 LSV and it operates at a  noticeable lower RPM.  I called Indmar about if it's OK to have my motor running at 4300 rpm most of the time loaded and they said yes without an issue.

5 years later and I can't think of a strong justification to order a new one.  I got on a 2021 lsv25 and that let me know the 2016 is still comparable.

I had some issues with the boat screen, full injection, surf-gate and Malibu was great about follow through and standing behind the boat.  I sent them a picture of a chip on my swim platform and they just shipped me a new one saying they are concerned the platform might have flaws and they would rather give me a new one rather me possible having issues after the warranty is over.

I think you'll be very satisfied!



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We went from a 2011 VTX to a 2019 25 LSV. The biggest difference for us was how it handled at slow speeds, the lsv maneuvers slower, for sure, and compared to a 2005, it will really cnage direction at slow speed much slower than you will be accustomed to.

As far as things you need, not much, if it has the PnP bags, you are in a great place to start.  We added 400lbs lead so far in ours, 300 in observer locker, as far forward as possible, and 100 as far forward as possible, mostly to even out the wakes due to the prop torque.

FWIW, we took the torqu prop off and switched to the speed prop, and it worked well for us so far, but planning to grab a standard prop this summer to try.

Enjoy the new ride, and where are the pics btw?

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