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Five Cent Worth

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Hey Fellas - Anyone have experience with this?  I don't fully get how I would "connect" to the factory Bu system.  If the boat I am trying to broadcast to is a 2020 X22, will it work being he doesn't have a Bu / Wetsound?



(If this is a duplicate thread - feel free to delete.  I couldn't find much searching.)

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That I know of, the 3.5 jack in the glove box is the only place available on our ‘19s. A wireless signal is “woke” 😊 so I don’t know why it wouldn’t work with any receiver. I ran a 15’ long 3.5 cable over to the phone holder area so I would not have to listen to the crickets from the factory BT. Other wise this would work great for our crew. I will wait until someone gains some experience with this before I buy one. 

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The key fobs are ok, but don’t work that well in my exp, signal strength was always an issue.

 Am more optimistic about the new version that just came out tho.


signal distance is said to be 5x over the older version 

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I used it once and loved it.  I was receiving signal on my 2016 - no wetsounds components on my boat then.   Having one DJ with sync’d tunes was awesome.  

I actually have this in my Amazon cart - it is ten bucks cheaper there than through WS site. 

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@Five Cent Worth

There are a few ways to use a device like that. You could go direct from your phone into the module set as the "send" unit with a 3.5MM male x what ever comes out of you phone. Then plug the "receive" device (or devices if you are the DJ boat) and plug them into an audio input with a with a 3.5MM male x what ever the input is such a a 3.5mm female or RCA. Now your phone transmits the tunes through the "send" unit to the "receive" unit(s) then into their main media unit and then out the speakers. 

Or, if your main media unit has an "audio out", would could connect that to the "send" module and BT or USB your phone to your main media unit as normal. Then as above, use the "receive" modules to sen the audio to one or more boats' media units. 

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I have 2 sets from the first batch they sold. I love their functionality.

 We really haven't had many issues distance wise but it has always been with a line of tied up boats. 

It is very nice being able to have all the stereo's playing the same music and not have a headphone cable strung out from boat to boat. 




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Thanks for the feedback.  I think I will just need to buy and see what extra cables I will need.  All the cables that I think could be options seem cheap and easy to get. 

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I use Sirius XM because of low phone sigs at the lake. Don't keep music on my phone. Do we have a hardwired 3.5 output I could use to be the sending unit? Does the black box have one behind the board? That's my only hang up to pulling the trigger on this. Guess I could just let the others play their phones with playlists for a work around.

Any other options other than Wetsounds?

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1 hour ago, Five Cent Worth said:

We picked an A link up.  I will report back once we get the boat out in the next week or two.  

How early can you get out on the water here? Our boat is winterized, as it is trailered outside in the elements... Makes me nervous to get out too soon but I'm itching to get the family on the water and start exploring the lake!

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Five Cent Worth


18 hours ago, ChadFulton said:

How early can you get out on the water here? Our boat is winterized, as it is trailered outside in the elements... Makes me nervous to get out too soon but I'm itching to get the family on the water and start exploring the lake!

My lay up period on my insurance is 11/15 - 3/15.  Outside that, fair game!

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