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New Swimstep Platform Pad 2012 v-ride 21


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Hello folks - I've got a 2012 v-Ride 21 that needs a new pad on the platform.  I looked on the Seadek site and chatted with support and they don't seem to have the v-Ride template anywhere.  I know this boat was made with an older VLX mold and probably has the same platform as some year of VLX.  Can anybody tell me which one will match?

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This statement is also true for Gator Step, template the boat yourself and save the aggravation. There may be molds for these boats and pieces, but every boat turns out different and not symmetrical IME. I got extremely lucky when I got the GS template for my boat. Especially considering how OCD I am. If you are that kind of guy, template it yourself and you wont regret the little time lost in the turn arounds. Both companies have been very good to work with.

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Those templates are way easy to do, they basically send you some plastic sheeting, and you lay it out and use a Sharpie to trace the edges of your platform.  This will allow you to get EXACTLY what you know will fit yours.  Might even get them to give you a discount since you will be providing them with the template for future purchases - Couldn't hurt to ask anyway!

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At the time there was a group buy for the GS so I went that route. Saved me 30% off of the total, Everyone who saw the GS really liked it. It is kind of an apples to apples comparison really. Slight color variations and different patterns offered being the biggest difference. The cost will be close I imagine.  I have the SD in my '19 and it is comparable in all respects.

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Once you draw out the template on the plastic, you send it in.  They, in turn, will cut a new paper template and send it back to you for fitment.  If you have changes , you make them on the paper and send it back.  You can go back and forth with GS as many times as you want/need. Once you have settled on a design, you basically sign a "contract" for the build.  When i had them custom make my sub woofer pad, the paper template was so close that it only needed 1/8" trims here and there.  I was able to email them the changes, signed a waiver and it was fixed on their end.  Design was sent to the build shop and shipped a few days later. 

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35 minutes ago, BCoch said:

maybe I should just tear off the old pad and send that in!  :)  Thanks for the feedback guys - sounds like the template option is the best one.

If you can accomplish that in one piece, you da man! Prepare yourself for an _ _ _ whipping.

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