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Help - Assistance

I want to purchase a used Malibu and would love some insight - I've tried researching but receive conflicting opinions

Here is what I'd like some direction on (sorry I'm new - hope this hasn't been answered previously)

I'd like to buy a used Malibu/Crossover 7 -12 years old ....good shape - low hours .... with following criteria:

- needs to be a V-Drive/bowrider

- needs to be good slalom boat (but not 100% hard core)

- need to through a massive wake for Surfing (I'm late 50's now hence not as slalom motivated as prior)

- I realize Diamond hull important for ski ability - but what do I need to surf with .... is Surf Gate & power wedge that important

  or will add on ie. suckion cups & external ballast help offset

-  My current choice I'm kind of leaning towards is 2012/13 VTX .... because of surf gate feature

Is there a particular model I might of overlooked ???

Many many advance thanks ....


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I have a 06 21 Vride and I both Slalom and Surf;

  • is it tournament quality slalom, no. but shortline ~35' off is getting nice and flat (note, I'm also sacrificing perfect pass for precision pro currently, if that gives and indication of how casual I'm being)
  • With 2 750s on a reversible pump, the stock midship ballast, and a suction cup shaper, I'm ready to surf ~10' back in 15 minutes, and it works great.

Other notes, I don't have a wedge, and don't really want one for these 2 sports, adding fresh air exhaust definitely added some spray. I would like it if the ride cut rough water a bit better


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Just sold a 2013 VTX. It was a boat I took to the slalom course and surfed with. Only reason I sold was because the course is out of the way and we only get there about 2 or 3 times per year so we upped to a 22 VLX with diamond hull. The VTX, 2013, 2014 and 2015 are great. Have the GM engine, 2014 and 2015 have the faster surfgate actuators so I would look for that if possible but the 13 was fine for us. We did have to plumb in a bow triangle for 500 lbs in the bow but the surf wave was pretty darn good for a 20 footer. I'm 6"3 and 225 and had no issues surfing. It fit in the garage. The only downside was that on a bigger lake, on a busy day with lots of rollers and wind when loaded down with ballast you had to be careful not to take water over the bow. Something to watch for with any heavy load tho.

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Ruling out adding GSA to a pre-2013 Malibu, I would say you are deciding between 13+ VLX or 23LSV.  Very similar boats, both throw great slalom wakes and killer surf waves.  If you plan to boat routinely with more than 6 adults I would go for the 23lsv.  If you have garage size restraints, the vlx is perfect.  When I bought my boat it was not a huge price difference between them in the used market.  Good luck!

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