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My family and I are really big into surfing and wakeboarding. We currently own a 2015 Moomba Mondo. We’ve had this boat for 2 seasons and aren’t really happy with the surf wave. I have done a lot of research and believe an Axis A22/T22 would be the way to go but my Dad is convinced the new auto wake technology on the 2021 moomba max will make the perfect wave. I have seen some things online that have lead me to believe this isn’t the case. Any A22/T22 owners out there that could help me change his mind?

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Demo both and go from there. My friends 2020 SA400 with the AW is a very nice boat and has some nice features. My LSV is still the surf wave everyone likes the most. Granted not an Axis, but the waves will be close.

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Demo both boats and see which one you prefer. I haven't been behind an A22/T22, but I have spent sometime behind an A24. I was thoroughly impressed with its performance compared to the Malibu lineup. I have also spent a lot of time behind a Mojo Pro and Makai owned by a friend. The wave behind their Moomba isn't bad. However, it doesn't have nearly the push or size that a Malibu/Axis is able to produce. I have also noticed issues with the consistently of being able to produce a nice clean wave behind the Moomba in different conditions.

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I haven’t surfed a mondo but as previously stated demo both , I love my t22 wake , all p and p full and 300lbs of lead in the nose  and you are good to go. My take is Malibu/axis has the most consistent wake for the money. Everyone says go demo , also if you can get behind a boat that someone owns you will get a much better feel for the brand boat .   My 2 cents

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I've surfed behind a Mojo Pro with auto wake.  My friend is extremely frustrated with his auto wake feature.  He's called the Moomba dealers multiple times and even the factory, he's on the forums, etc.  He cannot get his wave dialed in.  They keep telling him the pitch is off, but I think at the end of the day he just needs to add more weight to the boat.  It looks decent when sitting in the boat, but if you go back there and surf there is not a lot of push.  My 20' VTX has way more push and is a way easier to surf.  With that being said the T22 that I surfed has a bigger and better wave over the VTX.  I'd take a T22 all day over a Moomba. The wedge and surf gate together make an awesome surf machine.  

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I’d imagine a 22’ Axis with PW3, Surf Gate and PnP would beat any 20’ Moomba’s surf wave regardless of what Auto Wake it has. 

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AutoWake mostly empties the ballast system to balance the pitch and side to side weight difference so at the end of the day you are simply removing more weight.  I agree that more weight is very important and it is better to add some lead or move people around than remove weight for surfing.  I did demo the new 2021 Mondo with 3700 lbs of ballast and I liked the A20 a lot more and so did my wife (both of us rode on the test drives).  Way bigger wake, longer, and way more push on the Axis.  After the test drive I told my wife that this was an easy decision fro me and she agreed.  Fit and finish of Moomba boats is hard to beat for the money but if the surf wake is the main thing you are looking for then test drive both options and the answer will be pretty easy IMO.

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