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A22 Build Engine question


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Ok, so I’m 98% done with my dealer and the build specs on a 2021 A22 fairly loaded minus clamping racks and hydraulic steering. We would love to go A24 however it would just be way to big of a boat for our normal lake. I’m down to debating the interior colors with the wife as well as the big question.

M5 vs M6?

Disclaimer - I have read every thread on here comparing the M5 and the M6, so I’ve used the search feature. I know the easy answer is just go demo and see for your self, however my dealer has limited stock and neither available. I also know some will say that if I’m questioning it check the box and don’t over think it. But that’s not how I am built, I over analyze EVERYTHING. I know it would make the boat a beast and it would be awesome, but I’m not sure I NEED it. It’s a big check mark in cost for us. My dealer and I have discussed this at great length as well, so he’s been a good resource from his personal experience. 

We are in Nebraska so low elevation, I have 4 boys 8-18, they all wakeboard, but we never use ballast. They primary just play around and go wake to wake. Only time we ever really run ballast is surf. When we bought out 2015 T22, I bet we were 70% Surf, 20% wakeboard, 10% cruise. By the time we sold it, I bet the wakeboard/surf ratios flipped until right before we sold it. We had the 350 in that boat  

I would appreciate real world feed back on performance, hitting the proverbial wall and even fuel usage. Fuel usage is a big part of the discussion as well for us. I know we don’t buy boats to worry about fuel but it’s part of my thought process. We average 100-120 hours a year in 3-4 months. If one motor is going to be drastically better on fuel that would be a big deciding factor for me. The more fun we can have without having to pull for fuel the better. 

Thanks in advance for any input. 

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If you over analyze everything (me too) and can fit the M6 into the budget then do it. Then you will never be asking yourself, which sounds like you will lol, “what would have the M6 been like?”

Ive never really heard of someone regretting an engine upgrade and while I love the M5 in our VTX and it has very much so exceeded expectations, the M6 is amazing and you will not regret it. 

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If you aren’t running huge ballast, I think your fuel consumption and power would be just fine with the M5 in an A22 and you save the upgrade cost.
Full ballast, plus lead and a big crew changes it, however. Even in an A22 that typically does fine with the M5.
Another thing to think about is how long you will have the boat and how much more fuel you’d have to put in an M5-powered A22 to equate to the M6 upgrade cost.

All that said, I agree with @ahopkinsVTX, I’ve never heard about someone regretting a bigger engine. 

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7 hours ago, ndahlberg12 said:

Thanks @ahopkinsVTX how do you feel your fuel usage has been compared to your 409?

I don’t track it, but I feel it’s better. I felt like I was adding gas less frequently and we put on about the same amount of hours. Which would make sense because I am at lower RPMs than with the 409 in the 2019.

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If you don't wakeboard fully ballasted then there is absolutely no reason you should need an m6 in the A22.  I demoed with m5 and that is plenty better with the pw3 than the old school Axis with 350.  I even demoed an a24 that had the m5 with the free floating wedge and if I only surfed or wakeboarded with just 550's in the rear there would be no reason to go m6.  This is just my experience.  Elevation is roughly 833.  If it were me I would save the 5k and use it towards gear/fuel over the summer.  I think too many people on this forum think they need the bigger engine when they don't.  Surfing you don't need to get over the 15mph hump like you do when you wakeboard sacked out.  Again just based on my experiences of demoing the new 21's.    

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We nearly bought a 2020 23LSV earlier this season and also nearly bought one in March this year.  The primary reasons we decided to order a 2021 was that the boats available to us prior were all either M5 powered, or Raptor 6.2 powered.  We wanted the M6 because of how we use our boats and we never want to be in a position to consider we made a bad engine decision.  Another factor for us is resale.  Like you, we are in MI at low elevation so that's not a concern.  However our use is 90% surfing, 5% wake boarding, and 5% cruising, so being loaded with human and water ballast, the M6 made the most sense.  YMMV, but for the limited cost on the upgrade, it's worth it for us. 


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