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Any word on boat shows this winter?


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Curiously any of you insiders know what the plans are for boat shows?  Googling says many are on schedule for the new year but with so many cancelled this summer I’m doubtful. It’d be great to see them happen and with safety precautions (temp checks, limited #s) it could work in a huge, well ventilated space. 
The question is do you pay to do boat shows with so many customers waiting already or skip 2021 and save the marketing dollars?   i hope not

Any insight appreciated and if I missed this on another thread please redirect. 

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Almost all have already cancelled long ago.. insurance liability...

I wish they would carry on as normal.. ughhh was something to do during winter!!

A lot of Dealers don't really care .. sales are strong.. and it's a huge expense.. many around here are planning open houses. Bring a little food local winery /vendors etc.. 

Trade shows/conventions are going to get woke of cost/value when the pandemmy is done

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4 minutes ago, oldjeep said:


Minneapolis is still showing as if it will happen.  Just doubt it.


I'd be surprised too.. I think many of the organizations have had meetings and cancelled their shows and their sites have not been updated.. unless some have reversed course? Doubt they will with the uptick in cases.. depressing

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Even if they are happening dealers are unsure if it will be worth it with the unknown of how many people will be allowed in etc.

I have a feeling dealers will put on more smaller local events. 

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Heard a few weeks ago that our local boat show's promoter expects the show to still go on. Not many people around here expect that to happen though.

BTW, you're almost always better off working with your local dealer during their annual year end sale. Especially this year, when available build slots are already starting to slip into next boating season. 


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Chicago boat show is not happening.
I dropped my boat off Saturday at Tommy's in Grand Rapids and they said they have their spot at the Grand Rapids show paid for, but like everybody else not really expecting it to happen.

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2 hours ago, COOP said:

All the shows around here have been canceled.

The NMMA pretty much let most of their employees go right after the start of the shutdown.

So will they cancel the nmma fee in boat sales? 

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3 hours ago, MLA said:

The Feb 2021 Spring show in Charlotte NC is on at this point. 

Not sure that will go forward.  Current limits in NC for indoor gatherings/events is 25 people.  

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23 minutes ago, dlb said:

Not sure that will go forward.  Current limits in NC for indoor gatherings/events is 25 people.  

Well, we're expecting a status update 11/4/2020

2 hours ago, The Hulk said:

Praying it stays that way was going to check that one out 1st time this year how is it?

Us to. The Aug 2020 show was bumped to Sept, then canceled. really hoping the 2021 shows stays on. 

Under normal conditions, its a great show. Not huge like Atlanta, Miami, but a good show. Most of the tow boat players are there.  

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You need boats to "show" to have a boat show.  Attending a boat show costs dealers a stack of cash.  I do not see how some of the bigger dealers locally would think it was worthwhile to go to a show without inventory to sell, regardless of health concerns. 

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12 hours ago, COOP said:

I heard from one our sales guys that they might refund half of the show fees. But I dont know officially.

Heard a lot of these event type things in lawsuits about that kind of hwy robbery..  I know they have their fine print but.. 


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