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2010 LSV Ballast Upgrade - Reversible Pumps wired to Maliview - No Hard tanks


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Ok to start off the year I removed my rear hard tanks because they only hold like 250 lbs and take up a lot of room. I hooked the existing aerator pumps up to my rear 910lb wakemakers bags and have used them like this basically the whole year. But as the year went on I have been growing frustrated with the bags filling slowly and not draining completely. My lake is a river reservoir and it isnt the cleanest so that water sitting in the bags would stink over time. Which made me want to put in a new system.

Now, I have had a reversible pump for the front ballast for a while now. I just  mounted it behind the sub at the drivers feet and put a rocker switch in the cubby by the throttle. This is for a 1000lb triangle sack that goes up front sometimes. 

But with my new system I wanted to run reversible pumps for the back bags, and the front bag (while leaving the center tank unchanged) all through the malivew system using the MUX switches. After doing some research, I discovered it would be possible so I got to work.


The existing "fill" pumps were mounted on either side of the V drive.


So I removed the pumps and fitted 1" hose barbs and ran hose to them. 



Then I mounted the Johnson reversible pumps on each side of the "vdrive" compartment, basically under the corner seats. Ran hoses to them for the "fill side" and then ran hoses to the back of the boat to the ballast bag. Each bags hose has a 90 degree elbow so it can flow freely into and out of the bag. Each bag also has a 3/4" overflow/vent line with a check valve. This allows air out of the bag while filling and allows the bags to be sucked dry by the pumps. 





Now the fun part. Wiring it all up. So I made it hard on myself by running wires from the actual stock pump locations in the back of the boat to the throttle area. After moving to my front fill pump, I realized I could just run wires from the medallion box and it would use about 100' less wires. All of this was for the MUX switches going to the relays. The wires from the pumps had to be ran also but that was inevitable. So once all the wires are coming out from behind the helm bus area, I was able to work on wiring everything together. I found a very handy schematic from this site and went to work. Basically each MUX switch will send a signal to the Positive relay or the negative relay. If the pump should be filled, the MLS Fill button is pushed and it makes the pump Positively charged. If it should be emptied, the MLS will send a Positive signal to the other relay , reversing the polarity, causing the pump to go to -12 volts and allowing it to drain the bags. Here is the diagram and some of the wiring. 



Heres the wiring coming out of the helm bus cutout


Here are the relays all wired in. I soldered what I could but used some wire nuts too. The 12v power is on a 25amp in line fuse like they recommend and it goes directly to the 12v bus bar behind that panel. 



After finding out that you can move around the MUX switches here is what is on the throttle side of the steering wheel. All the ballast all together, and on the second page is the wedge controls. Super clean. My left MUX switches are Horn, Bilge, Blower, Heater, All OFF and the second page is all the lights. Much cleaner than what I have been using the past few  years.


And here is the bow access. I have the hose tucked in that cubby when not in use. It has a cap on the "quick connect" just incase I hit bow fill and there isnt a bag up there. I have two bags to use for the bow. A 1000lb triangle bag used for surfing (thats the black one) and a 650lb bow walkway bag used for wakeboarding (thats the red one)


And now some action shots. We wakeboard with all the ballast full 910/910/500/650 walkway bag plus wedge so around 4000 lbs. We like to ride around 21-23 mph at 65-75' depending on the rider. I have the monsoon 350 and the high torque prop from wakemakers. We surf with all the ballast filled 910/910/500/500 triangle bag at 11.4 mph with a homemade suckgate. 







I hope this post helps someone who is looking to make their existing boat better. Have fun on the water!

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