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Hoist bunk settings for 2001 Malibu Response LX


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Hi Crew,


I recently purchased a 2001 Malibu Response LX. Hoist came with it and that is going in the water next week (live on a channel). Here is my question, the bunks on the hoist that the boat is supposed to rest on seem closer together and less angled than I would think. Especially compared to my trailer.

Does anyone have proper specs for what the bunks should be set to for this boat? How wide apart (back and front)? Angle of the bunks (front and back)?


Thank you!

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Congrats on the new purchase!  Your best solution is to duplicate what is on the trailer, I don't think there are any specs on bunk placements.  But the trailers are made to haul that boat across the country and bounce the whole way, so you should feel good about setting them up the same.

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Also check the distance between the bunks and the center V of the boat! Most Boat lift carriages are not v-shaped cross beams like your trailer they are straight across or very slightly bent.. so your bunk placement on your boat lift may need to be slightly higher to clear your low spot.

A good rule is measure the distance from the ground up to the bunk on your boat trailer.. then measure the lowest part of your boat to the ground.. take the difference that's the height your bunk needs to be above the boat lift carriage cross beams.. and then most importantly add a few inches!!! 

depending on your water depth and type of boat lift you may want to accommodate for your fins.. many people have to float over a Cross beam with their fins to gain some extra water depth but if you don't have to it's wise to accommodate this. 

Next many people forget to consider the rear Cross beam of the boat lift carriage and their drive shaft.. I can't believe how many people actually lift their boat up on their drive shaft because they didn't think of this.. very easy to do if you don't have a bow stop on your lift or know where to have the boat placed before lifting. If you're unsure park the boat before the first lift hanging off the back a little bit more.. lift it a little bit and then measure the distance before hitting your drive shaft.. then move it up that distance giving yourself some playroom obviously..


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