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Wetsounds tower Pro 80 troubleshooting


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On my new to me 2011 VLX I was installing a volume control knob for my tower speakers (pair Wetsounds Pro 80s) and noticed that I was only getting highs out of both speakers.  They are about 10 years old and I did some troubleshooting.  I have a pair of rev 6s I hooked up to the speaker wires and they were getting full range.  I also bypassed the volume knob and had the same issues.  When the whole stereo was playing I really could not tell since there are 11 speakers and it sounds so much better than my old Malibu.  The amp has hp(high pass) ap(all pass) and lp(low pass) and it is set on ap.  I also then ran a wire from the amp speaker output on the amp and held it to the tower speaker inputs and still only got highs on the speaker I tested.  Any ideas what to test next.  Really do not want to drop 1K for new ones when I just bought the boat.  Find it strange that both exhibit same problem.




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Your woofers are gone. Folks shouldn’t run all pass to towers. They get too much travel at the sub and sub-mid frequencies below their resonance and reach full excursion easily. Get someone a little eager on the volume too often and soon they’re gone. 

I don’t remember if you can separate the horn and the woofer from the crossovers. But if you can, then put an ohmmeter on both the tweeter and woofer separately and tell us what you read. 

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What do you recommend to run the amp as?  There are two pairs of wires coming to the back of the speaker.  One set going to the back of it by the magnet and the other pair on the side.  You can see the side ones in the pic.  Is that what you were thinking?  I will put an ohm meter on it when I get the boat back.  Dropped it off today to get some end of season work done.  Guessing Wetsounds does not sell replacement  parts and that I will have to buy new ones...

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It’s been a while since I owned Pro80s. You’ll get some others to chime in like @MLA soon. They’re more up to speed. 

I’d have the amp in high pass with the crossover at 150Hz or so. 

And you might be surprised. You might be able to get spare parts through a dealer. With the COVID thing though. Maybe not. Can’t hurt to ask. 

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