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2013 247 V Drive is Leaking


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We took our boat out today, the boat ran normal getting it off the trailer and through the no wake zone; once we hit open water we gave it gas and the boat would not move forward and the motor would rev (we Still had reverse). After doing some trouble shooting we realized the V Drive was dry; which is crazy because we just changed all the fluids. We get home and put ATF in the V Drive and start looking for a leak we can see the oil dripping where the shaft goes into the coupler. I have a video but can’t seem to attach it. Our question is what is the best way to remove the V Drive? Do we need to remove the shaft? How should we proceed? What caused this ( we just got the boat and have only used it once)? We are very experienced boaters but this is definitely a first for us. 

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Can't say for sure but sounds like an internal seal.  You will have to loosen the packing nut, remove the shaft nut off the trans then likely pull the prop depending on if you can slide the prop past the rudder on the shaft. Then you can remove the cooler lines and remove the bolts holding the trans to the bell housing then engine block.  You may need to have a lift system rigged from the roof to pull it, but it is actually pretty small.  I would see if you should check wear on the flex plate while out, I have an 8.1L and that is my issue.  I have to pull the vdrive and replace the bell housing and flex plate.  Alternatively, I will check seals.  How many hours on the boat?.

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Since the prop shaft is under the vdrive you should not need to remove the shaft to get the vdrive out.  Depending on the clearance, you may need to move the fuel tank and disassemble some of the rear seating in the cockpit.

It is strange that reverse would work but forward would not work due to a vdrive failure since the vdrive does not really control shifting.  The fluid just lubricates the gears and bearings.  Vdrive failures I have seen will usually cause loss of forward and reverse, or more often causes the engine to stall when you shift into forward or reverse.  What is the condition of the transmission fluid?

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So we figured out the going forward issue!! There is a connector on top of the transmission and when disconnected it causes the motor to rev. Now to figure out where the fluid in the V Drive disappeared to!

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