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Engine wouldn't turn off


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I have a 2020 23 LSV, and this evening I turned the engine on by using the key only- I did not go through the sequence of pushing the start/stop button, then entering the code, then pushing start/stop again.  When I came back to the dock, neither the key nor the on/off button would shut down the engine.  I had to pull the emergency lanyard off and the engine stopped.

To try and figure out what went wrong, I went through the sequence of entering the code, started the engine, and then used the start/stop button shut down the engine.  It worked as usual.  My question is, why would you be able to start the engine using the key, but not shut it down using the key??  Just a bug with my boat?


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I have a 15 LSV. I understand the key is a secondary way to start if you don’t have the 30 plus seconds you need to be on your way. 

The key will not shut off my boat either. 

After starting with the key, I put in my code and press the ok on the 12” screen. After I take the key back out, I can use my start/stop to shut down. I’ve had to pull the lanyard before when screens froze up. 

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The key is a back up only, it is not meant to be used as the "normal" method of starting.  If it were an emergency, and had to fire the motor right away, or a screen malfunction, etc, the key allows you to get moving right away and bypasses the electronics basically.  I have seen it where the key did not turn it off, but it was designed as a fail safe for the electronics not starting the boat.  

Using the key makes the boat think something is wrong, and should enable your nav lights, lighting, (incase you're out at night and the screen is out),and other functions may not work.  once you are safe to do so, kill the motor, turn the battery switch off, wait 30 seconds, turn battery switch on again, and use the push button for starting if available.  do not leave the key in the "on"position if you are going to always leave it there.

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