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VDrive Fluid Change Pleasurecraft Powerplus 1:72 - Axis 2015 T22

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I’m needing some advice on what fluids to use for this... I thought I knew and stopped at the parts store just to grab some fluid to top them off as my Vdrive was making a whining noise in idle. Before I can take the time to drain all and replace with new fresh fluids. 


Thought fluids may be low. 

Please help me start with the process of checking and changing this and the proper fluid for it... even proper brand. VDrive and Transmission. I believe I picked up the wrong ones so I DID NOT put these fluids in. They are for the other applications.  










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The Mercon Dextron III compatible ATF is ok for the transmission, it is the yellow plastic dipstick on the top right of your first photo.  You will likely need 2 quarts if you are changing the fluid.

You will need either PCM R190250 or Mobil1 SHC 50 for the vdrive, it is the square head plug on the bottom right of your second photo.  The vdrive fluid only needs to be changed if it is very dirty or contaminated, like if there is water in it.  Don't use the SAE30 motor oil.

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The left side looks a bit rusty on the bolt like it had been checked in that side before... but the right still looks new? Maybe dealership has been filling from left side?


also it seems they don’t make Mobiltrans SHC 50 anymore... anyone know of a replacement? 

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It doesn't matter which of the plugs you remove on the vdrive, but one may have the dipstick and the other may not.  I remove both, If possible, to make it easier to fill.  I use a 3/8 universal socket that looks a lot like a 12 point but with little teeth.


If you can't get the SHC 50, then get the R190250 or R190251 from PCM.




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1 hour ago, DylanR said:

Since Mobile 1 discontinued the DHC 50... do

you think they switched the the Delvac 50?? 

Has to be something at the parts store that will work... 

I seriously doubt there will be something at the auto parts store and I would only use another lube if I was on the water and it was an emergency to get me back in.  Have you checked the vdrive oil yet?  Are you sure you need some today?

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I too have a 2015 Axis T22.

You can't get the recommended fluid, Mobiltrans SHC50, any more.  Dealers can't even get it from Mobil and they were ordering 5 gallon buckets of it.  Recommended fluid is Indmar's Synthetic Transmission Oil P/N 872022.  Please verify it for yourself at your local dealer.  Don't mess around with substitutes otherwise you'll have a very expensive repair.  

You may also have a massive issue.  I too have an Axis T22.   Have you seen this service advisory, SAP2016-04 - Vdrive Oil Level Check / Vent Operation?  Do you have the new vent kit installed on your vdrive?  I recently replaced my vdrive because of a whining noise.  Turns out I was low on fluid because of a defective vent design.  DM me if you want a copy of the SA.

Be very careful and triple check everything...

Good Luck






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16 hours ago, csleaver said:

I seriously doubt there will be something at the auto parts store and I would only use another lube if I was on the water and it was an emergency to get me back in.  Have you checked the vdrive oil yet?  Are you sure you need some today?

Just checked them... also my engine serial number doesn’t match to the ones on the service bulletin. Transmission def needs some fluid.





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The vdrive oil in your photo looks good and you probably only need to add 10 or 20 ounces of transmission fluid since it is just a little low.  Do not thread the dipsticks in when checking the level to get an accurate reading, but make sure they are threaded in just snug before operating the boat.

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