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Reasons why or why not to go with white seating?


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White will show every single spec of dirt and won’t look new if you don’t clean it. Browns hide all the dirt and look good no matter what. 

I wouldn’t go as far as saying white stains, if vinyl is going to be stained it will stain any color. It will just be more visible on the white. 

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My last boat was mostly white with grey accents, and while it looks great it shows every bit of dirt.  My OCD had me constantly cleaning it, especially since it had texture which made cleaning the dirt off harder.  New boat doesn't have a single piece of white and I love it.  While I'm sure it's just as dirty as the white, it hides it much better and my OCD isn't doesn't kick in as much.  If something is going to stain white, it's going to stain any color, black may be spared though.

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I am in the anti white club. I had almost all white in my old and it does show everything.  There is a reason you rarely see white interiors in cars. Also, I feel like white is worn out since most boats use a majority white interior.  I went with solid graphite this time around and love it. Will probably never go back to white.

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My RLXi has a nearly all white interior.  When I bought it (from the original owner), it was filthy.  So much so that it looked yellow.  It took a lot of elbow grease to get it cleaned to my liking and now it looks pretty good.  It does show everything, though.  I don't ever anticipate owning another boat with white interior at all.  I'm simply not a fan.  

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On 9/19/2020 at 10:11 PM, electricjohn said:

White gets harder to clean as it ages.

If I ever buy another boat (not), I would do white again.  It's a lot of extra work but so much cooler on hot sunny days.  Nothing looks nicer to me than a boat passing by with a white interior. My interior still looks great, but not brand new looking anymore after 18 seasons of sitting in the lake all summer.  Grandkids are tough on the interior, especially for me having a sandy shoreline for them to play on.

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I have had both.  2 boats ago, my G23 was mostly all white.  The Nautique white is a bright white and it got dirty from just breathing on it.  So I went with mostly light graphite on my Malibu and loved the way it looked.  I live in the desert and even the light graphite became very hot on summer days at Lake Powell, far hotter than the white ever did.  The Malibu white is a little bit of an eggshell white  and I think it will not get dirty like the nautique white does.  So if I order new, that is what I am getting.  

In my case, it is heat vs dirt and I am going to choose the white on my next boat.  It has been one of the hard things about the used boat market, I am struggling to find a used boat that has a mostly white interior.  Just when I think I found the perfect boat, the interior is some dark color I will not have because of the heat it brings.  Some people think that their dark color vinyl violates laws of physics and does not get hot, and we will have to just agree to disagree, we have gone the rounds on that one here plenty of times.  In Pennsylvania, I think the light graphite may not be much of a problem for you.  

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I have had a number of boats with white seats through the years and don't recall them being overly difficult to keep clean, but I also wipe the interior vinyl down after every outing (or virtually every outing) and use Babes Seat Soap and Seat Saver often and liberally.  And I am very pro-active with family and guests and explain how things like sunscreen and food can easily stain vinyl.   I'm not shy about telling people what they need to do to things like staining seats or chipping gel coat to a minimum.   

My current boat has Tungsten Grey seats and I think its really sharp with the color scheme of the whole boat; but with a different color scheme I would not shy away from white if that's what color vinyl made the other boat colors pop.   

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We're about to put a new interior in our 04.  We wanted a mostly grey interior with blue accents.  I put all the swatches in the sun for an hour on an 80 degree fall day.  The difference in temperature was staggering which we already new based on a lifetime of boating experience.  Seeing it on the temp gun drove the point home. White was 104 and all colors including light grey were between 140-150. We will have young kids in the boat for the foreseeable future so we are doing mostly white with some blue on vertical surfaces.  

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