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surf gate repair 17 lsv 25'

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I had some trouble with my surf gate on 2017 Malibu LSV 25" and wanted to share my experience.  I am a long drive from nearest service center so do most of work myself.


Had intermittent dysfunction of port surf gate for awhile then one day it quit working all together and I had a "bad reed switch on left side" warning on screen.  First of all the nomenclature is not good.  To try and explain.  The surf right button kicks out the port side surf gate (left as you are looking forward).  The computer names the port surf gate as "left" and starboard surf gate as "right".  That took awhile to figure out.


The hydraulic pump that actuates the surf gate is pretty easy to remove.  Bolt on/off.  The wires go through the hull with a gromet.  see pics


Inside the boat you can trace the wire after you pull back a little carpet from the back wall.  There are two big wires and two very small ones.  The big wires are the power source to the electric hydraulic pump.  The small wires go to the reed switch.  A reed switch is a simple position sensing device.  The small wires are attached to a magnet and there is a magnet on one end of the rod that moves in and out of the hydraulic pump (and that moves the surf gate).   When the magnet from the  hydraulic pump rod is in close proximity to the magnet on the reed switch it activates a small electric signal through the small wires allowing the computer to know the surf gate is closed (or open) (I'm not sure which).  At any rate that is how the computer knows if the surf gate is open or closed.


Many of the failures are related to a wire nut that hold tight the wires as they go though the hull.  If it is tightened too much it will fracture the small reed switch wires (black and red)


I bought a new unit and put it in and was going again in about 24 hours.  The service reps at Water Ski America (Dallas) and Texas Malibu were great to help me on phone.


I used my volt meter, smart son in law (diesel mechanic), and a magnet to trouble shoot the reed switch.  I was able to determine that the small wire was broken where the wire nut had kinked it.   We put in new wire and now I have a back up functioning unit.







Inkedunnamed (1)_LI.jpg

unnamed (2).jpg

Inkedunnamed (4)_LI.jpg

Inkedunnamed (5)_LI.jpg

unnamed (7).jpg

unnamed (6).jpg

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