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bad exhaust while surfing


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Boat is a 2018 VLX with the raptor 410, 103hrs or so


The last few outings the exhaust started to get really bad. Huge exhaust cloud behind boat and it'll even come into the boat when going forward. 

At idle you can see it coming up from the back. Never was like this until recently.

I have a turned down tip on it too.

Any ideas what this could be.


Thanks, I do have a video but not sure how to post it

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Nothing good about that.

Is the exhaust white/grey or black/blue?

With this motor, you shouldn't be seeing any exhaust, so this indicates a mechanical problem of some kind.

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changing spark plugs is a 10 minute, $20 job.  You should do that immediately to see if it clears up.  No need to wait for a dealer to do it.

If the white smoke is persistent (not just at startup) and in considerable quantity, this indicates moisture entering the cylinder during combustion.  Couple of causes for this:
Water in your fuel (or poor fuel in general)

Failed head gasket allowing cooling water from the block under the head and into the cylinder

Change your engine oil and look for presence of water in the old oil.  It will be light brown, milky color, likley with bubbles in it.  If you find water, then your head gasket is leaking.

The only other thing I can think of is a bad/dirty sensor that is creating a poor fuel mixture.  But bad fuel mixtures typically result in black/blue smoke and a rough running condition, and would be throwing error codes.  There is no sensor or way for the ECM to detect a faulty head gasket.

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If you had a MasterCraft, @bamaboy could explain the excessive exhaust steam concept... as I recall, it was buried in the "Pork Butts" thread in off-topic about five years ago.  The poor man got his amygdala scarred from the exposure.

Then again, this thread covered the phenomenon very well.


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