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2014 Silverado LT 4x4


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I might have opportunity to buy a used Silverado. It’s a 4x4 LT 2014. It looks like it should tow my 01 SSVLX fine. Anyone have experience with one? 170k miles on the clock. 

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I’ve had a 2017 and 2018 since very early 2017. The Powertrain is tried and true and will do just fine pulling your SSlxi. I would be a bit cautious over the 170k miles but that would go for any vehicle with that many miles. 

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I have a '18 Sierra SLT.  Same platform.  That one can only have the 6-speed transmission.  As an LT, it likely only has the 5.3L.  It will tow the boat fine, but after test driving the 5.3 vs 6.2L (both with the 8 speed), I'm glad I went 6.2L, as it is a big power bump. 

The good news is I believe all of the 2014 5.3L motors are flex fuel from the factory (though retrofitting the sensor isn't hard in later years and 6.2L trucks that don't have it).  A good E85 tune will wake that motor up quite a bit.

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Would y’all say that if in good shape, an under 15000 price would be a great, good, fair, meh, deal? At first glance and test drive all seems great with it. Looks great. Battery seemed a little weak turning the engine over though and I almost thought I heard a pop or clunk when backing up a small hill with wheels turned. Not every time I did it but at least twice when doing that about 8 times. 

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I have a 2014 Silverado LT (2500HD diesel).  The quality of the truck is fine.  It has been many (many) years since I had a gas motor, but if it has been maintained well, you should get another 150k miles out of it.

Look at the date code on the batteries to see how old they are.  If they are older than 3 years, or you suspect they are not as strong as they should be, ask the seller to put new batteries in as a condition of sale.

The clunking in the rear end is likely the limited-slip locking in, but be sure to investigate fully.

The 5.3L will tow your boat just fine.  If you pull any steep grades, you may be slowed up a little, but overall it will handle fine.

As for pricing - KBB, FB, and CL are the best indicators of price.  Find some comparable trucks and see what others are asking.  the 170k miles will make for a big discount over most that you will find listed.

Good luck!

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